ALCS Game 4 – Royals v. Blue Jays 4 PM ET on FS1

ALCS-590x590Congratulations, Canada, on electing your new prime minister wisely! Not bad!

Justin Trudeau

On to more important things now. Knuckleballer RA Dickey will attempt to tie up the series at two apiece when he takes on the resilient BBQ Boys at the Rogers Centre. Dickey will face his former teammate, Chris Young. Apparently, Chris Young is something of a smarty pants, having majored in politics at Princeton, and the two of them would have nerdy conversations when they were teammates with the Rangers and the Mets. Watch the two battle wits at 4 pm ET on FS1.

13 thoughts on “ALCS Game 4 – Royals v. Blue Jays 4 PM ET on FS1

    1. I don’t want Buster Posey anywhere near me, much less any future baby.

      That commercial does make me laugh though. “You’re embarrassing me in front of Buster Posey!”


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