Phillies release Domonic Brown

052913-brown-domonic-600The Phillies have parted ways with outfielder Domonic Brown, after placing him on waivers and watching the other 29 teams take a pass. Brown was arbitration eligible, and looked to make a salary similar to his 2015 pay of $2.6 Million.

Brown was once rated the top prospect in all of baseball by Baseball America, but he never lived up to that promise. He did make the 2013 All Star game – buoyed by a phenomenal month of May that year – but he quickly fell to earth, and the Phillies have decided to give up.

In 36 games from early May to mid-June of 2013, Brown hit .331 with 16 Home Runs, 36 RBI and 1.098 OPS. In his other 457 major league games, he was .237, 38 Home Runs, 193 RBI and .662 OPS. A cautionary tale for any team tempted to give Daniel Murphy big dollars this off season.

8 thoughts on “Phillies release Domonic Brown

  1. Change of scenery time for Brown. He may need the AL where he can DH, I could imagine him following a similar career path as Delmon Young, although hopefully without the racist tirades.


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