MLB developing it’s own scripted television show

Featured imageOver at the Hollywood Reporter word is that MLB has been developing it’s own scripted TV show.

Major League Baseball is going scripted. The league is developing a miniseries about Babe Ruth with Allen Coulter attached as director and executive producer, sources tell THR.

MLB regularly has advised on baseball-centric Hollywood films, including 42, Moneyball, Million Dollar Arm and Clint Eastwood‘s Trouble With the Curve, but the Ruth mini is the first scripted project generated internally. Executives are looking to Coulter (The Sopranos, Terence Winter and Martin Scorsese‘s upcoming HBO rock drama Vinyl) to round out the dramatic scope of Ruth’s biography — including his lavish personal life and little-known details — in a way that also will appeal to non-sports fans.

Although he has been depicted multiple times, from 1948’s The Babe Ruth Story to 1992’s The Babe (with John Goodman as the famed Yankees slugger), the ability to render the Sultan of Swat more as an athletic figure and to re-create the dramatic baseball of the 1920s era in modern HD appealed to MLB executives. If the Ruth mini finds a network, look for the league to mine its 100-plus-year archives for more scripted projects.

I mean, I guess we haven’t revisited Babe Ruth in a little while, but you’d think maybe, just maybe they may want to try focusing on just about anyone else.  Still it will be interesting to see if MLB provides an accurate portrayal of the Yankee giant.

7 thoughts on “MLB developing it’s own scripted television show

  1. I second a Pee Wee Reese story.

    Or maybe let’s think outside the box and go with Christy Mathewson. I’d watch the hell out of that.


    • Bob Feller. Oh my stars, as one of my friends would say. Talk about causing a swoon. Bob Feller is so amazing. What a badass. What a great pitcher. What an awesome guy.


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