Baseball is perishing, you guys & gals

0528_oag-zimmermanglovesCome on…..Craig’s an attorney, I don’t want to be slapped with  lawsuit for stealing his by-line.

Vox – the political website founded by Ezra Klein to fill the void of political news on the internet – had an article discussing that baseball is long and boring, and they are going to suffer the consequences. For such an unoriginal canard, they at least found a unique angle – fidigety-ness. Or is it spelled “fidigetiness”? However you spell it, that is the culprit. Those damn ball players and their quirks are taking up too much time.

I guess we can ditch the pitch clock, we just need to get these guys to sit still!

5 thoughts on “Baseball is perishing, you guys & gals

  1. Baseball games weren’t always this long and boring. Here’s how they got this way.

    ctrl+F “advertisements” 0/0
    ctrl+F “commercials” 0/0

    Like most of Vox’s articles, how can you take their content seriously when they leave out the biggest impediment to the game? Even these playoff games we’ve seen them come back from commercial to a 1-0 or 0-1 count, or the pitcher mid-delivery.


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