ALCS Game 3 — Blue Jays v. Royals 7:00pm (TXT)*

Game 3 oFeatured imagef the ALCS is tonight, and it’s on FS1, so probably no “mofo’s” will be dropped by the crew. That’s good because it’s in Canada, and I’m pretty sure it’s not polite to say that on the air there. The Centre (that’s the funny way Canadians spell “field”) should be rocking cuz the stakes are high. The rally towels will probably go to the upper decks, but beer cans will not after what happened in the previous series. Hello, there’s a reason the Solo cup is ubiquitous in the US of A. Ain’t no one getting hurt in a Solo cup toss.

Anyway, let’s hope the Jays are on tonight because it would be nice for these playoffs to be competitive. We need some Bautista blasts and whatever the else the Jays have handy that will work against Cueto — but no swing-flops thankyouverymuch. And certain MVP candidates need to start acting more like MVP Miggy knocking in those RBI’s. I say this in the interests of good post-season play; it is not at all media bias. (DIE, ROYALS, DIE!)

*Texas Time

44 thoughts on “ALCS Game 3 — Blue Jays v. Royals 7:00pm (TXT)*

  1. Skydome has altered its Beer Delivery System, Eh. They’ve gone to the plastic cup. No more throwing cans that hit near babies and spray them, no! It’ll be soft as rain plastic cups instead. Those babies are safe, now! (sometimes, humanity makes me despair unto death)

    In the meantime, I’ve upped my game. Follow the link to see my New & Improved Shrine:

    All I want is a win tonight. A win for The Kid, Marcus Stroman. Worked his behind off to make it here, went to school to get the education he cut short for sports while he rehabbed, came back throwing darts with a wicked new changeup added to the arsenal. In the meantime, flip your bats, people. Flip them hard…


    1. They did, but only for the upper most level. The lower levels are still free to rein down the cans. I suspect it has to do with how many taps they have on hand for such short notice, and in the off-season they’ll implement a plastic cup only environment.


      1. Well, we Canucks don’t care for “Scramble Time” when it comes to righting a wrong and preventing a catastrophe. This is why we enjoy hockey fights. The notion that hefty, built up, young men with knives strapped to their feet skating around on ice shouldn’t be clobbering each other because someone could effin die didn’t occur to us until AFTER someone died.

        They’ll get to it sometime after the general election today, I imagine. Once That Pretty Head of Hair is elected we can all go peacefully back to sleep then, and Skydome can get on with the plastic cup stocking on all levels of the Dome.


    1. Are you a Canadian citizen? Because if you aren’t, you can get fined and/or imprisoned for trying to induce Canadian voters…


    2. What the hell is income splitting? I was listening to Jays feed on the radio Saturday while on the road, and the Conservative Party promised me they’d preserve income splitting. They also told me they’d touch base with me on Sunday, which was really presumptious. I’m busy Sundays.

      I am fluent in cursing and judging by the fans in Game 5, Canadians would not be offended by the word mofo. They seem to like it.


  2. Do we need 5 player-commenters? What Little Pete? One of these things is not like another. Shesus, he made A-Rod look charming.


  3. If I could beg the Braves on my hands and knees to sign Josh Donaldson, I would do it. That dude is… that dude is… I can’t even form words, man. I covet him for my team.


    1. Donaldson won’t be a FA until he is 33 due to his late start. Probably don’t want to be giving him the FA contract he is likely to demand at that age.


  4. I see you, Meds, warming up in that bullpen… /heart eye emoji/ We miss your goofy self in Atlanta. Come back from your exile in AL-land, please.


      1. You’re going to waste a perfectly good Molson? Throw it at my spousal unit instead, he’ll drink whatever’s left. He loves Canadian beer. 😛


      1. “I could’ve gotten away with bunting for the rest of my days if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

        Tulo, Price, et al: /laughs like Scooby Doo/

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