NLCS Game 2 – Cubs v. Mets 8:00 PM ET on TBS

2015NLCSlogoThor vs. Arrietta tonight. The Cubs will attempt to even the series in Game 2 tonight, losing last night to a dominant Dark Knight. When it comes to pitcher nicknames, the Mets have the Cubs beat. Syndergaard is pitching on 3 days rest after a relief appearance in the NLDS. The dominant Arrieta, lacking in a nickname, proved he is indeed mortal in his last start. Can Arietta bounce back from his last start? Can the Son of Odin lay down the hammer? Can my kids leave my alone for 2 minutes to finish this?

Enjoy this bat flip after a Harvey bunt last night.


52 thoughts on “NLCS Game 2 – Cubs v. Mets 8:00 PM ET on TBS

  1. WHAT? A pitcher flipping the bat? What kind of evil has infected the venerable game of Baseball? Next thing you know, batboys and ballgirls (or vice versa) will be throwing down at one another, or something. How did this disrespect get into our game? Stamp it out now! Now, I say.


    1. I would as well, and with my luck, suffer the first bat flip self-inflicted concussion. “Oh, that was ugly. It appears the bat landed on her head when she flipped it, and she’s down. You know, you can watch this game your whole life and see something new every game.”

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      1. I think it’s one of two things. Either they’re trying to deflect the criticism they got( and are still getting) by putting Rose in there, or they just see this as just another way to boost their viewership. I mean, it’s not like there aren’t a bunch of other players to choose from, or anything.


      1. Murphy hit a ball that was maybe 3 feet into fair territory and barely over the fence.

        It clearly counts, but it’s disrespectful to all genuine “boom”-quality HR’s to label that as a “boom”.


    1. Ernie Johnson is actually making Joe Buck look good. His constant shortening of “postseason” to “post” should be punishable by a mutated strain of rabies.


      1. That’s one of those shows I just missed while it was on. I keep meaning to watch it, but real life keeps getting in the way. Maybe I’ll find some time for it someday….


  2. Oh, eff the Viagra plug with the chick in the jersey tossing the football. Why don’t they make those things more realistic — maybe some disappointed housewives who sigh and turn on Outlander or something.


    1. I don’t miss commercials at all. The blank “commercial break in progress” screen is a thing of beauty to me.

      I also don’t know what Outlander is. I assume its about a gay guy from Scotland who cannot die unless you decapitate him.


      1. It’s one of those period dramas that women watch for the sex — I mean “romance.” It purports to have historical accuracy, but puke! No, it’s about the hot sex.


      2. Is it kinda like Game Of Thrones? I’m a fan of the historical accuracy of that. I sometimes wish I’d been alive when dragons existed.


      3. I’ve not seen GoT. This is spunky feminist nurse goes back to the 1700’s Scotland…men in kilts…blah blah blah…she is forced to marry the hot virgin dude. It’s ridiculous. He has a great butt.


      4. That sounds like the type of books one of my exes used to read. Lots of words like “bodice” and “heat” and “surrendered”.


      5. I like the Outlander books, even though to be perfectly honest they are not always the best written. The author has a stick up her butt about “historical accuracy” but she’s constantly getting things wrong. Her main character is the biggest Mary Sue in the world – of all the characters in the book, and there are hundreds – Claire is the worst. But the subplots are interesting, and I genuinely love a couple of the characters, namely Lord John Grey and Roger. They are characters desperately in need of a better author.


      6. I don’t know what a Mary Sue is. I’m quite sure I could google it, but I have a weird suspicion that I would end up lost in some deep wiki-hole and I’m just not in the mood for that tonight.

        I’m just gonna sit here, watch the Cubs go down 1-2-3 in the 9th, finish off this glass of whiskey, and then pass out in a pile of baseball depression.


  3. I just got home from my trip. Now I’m wishing I would have stayed asleep on the plane and missed my connection, and travelled all the way to Boston instead of coming home to this crap.


      1. Sweeps are indeed hard to do. Which is why being in a position where they need to win 4 out of the next 5 is far from optimal. Winning one of those first two was pretty damned important, especially considering who the Cubs had on the mound.

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  4. I fear that after lying dormant in the cracks in the Cubs’ clubhouse shower room tile, the vent shafts and the buffet table, that dreaded prion-vectored Papuan neurological disease die Vloek van der Geitbok has become infectious again – possibly due to some incidental mutation in the fan base; possibly due to the cooling weather. In this case, the scouts may have initially contracted it by eating Theo’s brain, and now, here we go again. Watch carefully during game 3 for signs of spontaneous or unsubstantiable rictus grins on the faces of Cubs pitchers and batters.


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