NLCS Game One – Cubs @ Mets (6:30 CS Time)

post season

The Cubs and Mets both had the same record in their home games during the regular season, 49-32. However, the Cubs had the best road record in all of the majors at 48-33, while the Mets were barely over .500 at 41-40.

So while it’s pretty damned horseshit that the team with the 3rd best record in the sport has to be the road team in every single postseason series this year, I’m confident that they can handle it.

Eamus Catuli.

3 thoughts on “NLCS Game One – Cubs @ Mets (6:30 CS Time)

  1. Deep dish pizza sucks. I cannot eat it without feeling I’m going to suffer a cardiac arrest and/or gastric ulcer.

    Those are the caveats of divisional play. Win your division. Shit luck your team got stuck in the winningest central, but the Cubs are used to shit luck, no?


    1. Cardiac arrest and/or gastric ulcers are how you know the pizza has been prepared correctly.

      Winning the division should get you out of having to play in the wild card game. It shouldn’t get you homefield advantage against a team with a better record.

      Let’s see if the Cubs have a bit of 9th inning magic in them. If not, I’ll just have to take some small comfort in knowing that they dropped the first game to the Cardinals and everything worked out alright.


  2. Yes, I was yelling at them while driving. Why? Why did d’Arnaud not go out to the mound in the 5th to talk to Harvey? Tell me I missed it because I didn’t have video.


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