Toronto Fan Hates Babies

Photo of nine month baby crying, isolatedYesterday’s Blue Jays game decended into some ugliness after a controversial but ultimately correct call that gave the Rangers a temporary lead. Martin attempted to throw the ball back to his pitcher but hit Choo’s bat. The ball was live, and an alert Odor standing on 3rd scored. Toronto fans, who I thought were classy but then I remembered these people are also Maple Leafs fans, pelted the field with debris, and one fan hit a baby with a can of beer. In related news, Philadelphia breathes a sigh of relief. Even they don’t hit babies with beer cans.

Toronto police have arrested the perpetrator.

And oh yeah. The Blue Jays won 6-3, Bautista flipped a bat 200 feet in the air after a 3 run homer, and don’t smack Tulo’s ass. He really doesn’t like it. The stage is set for the ALCS because I think there might have been another baseball game yesterday.

(Yes, I know O.G. Children are terrible.)

ScoutsEdit: Added Vine of trash being thrown on field.

22 thoughts on “Toronto Fan Hates Babies

  1. Thanks to the behavior of their gross fans and the absolutely absurd antics of crazy man Jose Bautista, I now have a new least-favorite baseball team. Holy Hell, talk about not acting like you’ve been there before.

    Go home, Toronto, you’re drunk. And disgusting.

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    1. So what “antics” of Bautista don’t you like? Flipping his bat after hitting a 3-run homer to cap an ALDS comeback from down 2 games to none?

      You think if Dyson had instead struck him out instead of serving him a meatball, that Dyson wouldn’t have fist pumped, yelled and danced off the mound?

      It was an emotional moment and an appropriately emotional response. Don’t like it… go watch chess.

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      1. Mitch Williams thinks Joe Carter should have acted like he’d been there before.

        Also, I’m absolutely dying at blacksables trying to stake out the moral high ground for the Royals when it comes to player behavior over on HBT. DYING.


      2. Neither the Royals or Blue Jays have any moral high ground. It’s freaking baseball, not religion. (Although, Royals fans can claim that no babies have been injured by their own fans by beer cans, so there’s that.)

        What’s the line on how many times the benches clear during the ALCS?

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      3. Bautista is always pulling something. If he’s not trying to start fights because a pitch came withing 5 feet of hitting him, he’s trying to throw people out at first, or he’s yapping at someone for something, or that bat flip thing. Of course the Royals are no better. The one thing I’m looking forward to in the ALCS is the two biggest cry-baby bean ball war teams in baseball facing off. I’m pretty sure someone’s going to get taken out Tonya Harding style before this series is over.


      4. You have an issue with Bautista trying to throw runners out at first on a hard hit ball to left? Really?

        Not surprised, though, as your reliever, O’Day has a history of throwing at/behind Bautista. You’d think he’d learn after being taken deep the last few times he tried it.

        The O’s pitchers are no strangers to beanball, Scouts. Just sayin…


      5. He wasn’t trying to throw a runner out so much as he was throwing a temper tantrum because someone almost came close to grazing him with a pitch, and he evened up injuring himself because of it.

        I’m so sick of hearing about O’Day, it’s been blown incredibly out of proportion just like everything else around Bautista. You even come near him and he throws a hissy fit. Bautista loves to play the victim, as if the entire league was out to get him. O’Day has no problems with anyone but Bautista. But Bautista has problems with multiple people. But sure, it’s all about O’Day.


      6. Second, I agree the Orioles are no strangers to bean-balls. Need I remind you of Stroman throwing at Joseph’s head? What about Justin De Fratus going after JJ Hardy because the team hit a bunch of home runs? How about Franklin Morales throwing at Chris Davis? And of course Papelbon throwing at Machado.

        On the flip side of the coin, the one ejection or intentional hit by pitch the O’s had this year was Ubaldo Jiminez getting ejected in one of the most bogus calls I’ve seen in some time, where even the guy who got hit said it wasn’t intentional.

        The Orioles have been the receiving end of intentional pitches far more than they’ve supposedly gone after people.


      7. I don’t have a problem with bat flips. What I didn’t like was the way he stood at home plate glaring at the pitcher like a crazy person, and then stalked around the dugout glaring out on to the field. Why is he so freakin angry all the time? Did he not get hugged enough as a kid?

        I respect the fact that you didn’t even try to rationalize the behavior of the fans.

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  2. No, Scout. Children are horrible.

    However, since they’re our own fault, we can’t go around pelting them with beer cans. And I hope the judge throws the fucking book at the perp (since judges aren’t allowed to throw beer cans at defendants, which may be unfortunate, but there you have it).


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