Are bat flips really worth fighting about?

keep-calm-and-sing-kumbaya-6At the expense of sounding paternalistic – I am about ready to send every baseball observer to bed without dinner. And if you think we are still going to the trampoline park on Saturday, all I can say is you better give some thought to your behavior!

One of the most amazing, bizarre, controversial, flukish, zany, emotional and fantazmagoric games took place last night up the Skydome (I am not changing what I call it, sorry Rogers, Inc.), and a ridiculously high number of people are talking about……a bat flip. Not a game, not a game, not a game, we’re talkin’ ’bout bat flips. We’re talkin’ ’bout bat flips.

And no – I am not talking solely about the people speaking against them. I am also saying it is silly to bust a gut speaking in favor of it. Over at HBT, Craig has done his best Tony Korneiser/Stephen A. Smith/Skip Bayless imitation to lets us know the horror that was Sam Dysons post game comments. And all around the internet, you don’t have to go far to find “Bat flips are perfectly legitimate, you anti-fun, free speech killing totalitarian!!” or “Act like you have been there before, you cocky, over the top mean spirited jerk!!”

Everyone – calm down! News flash – you may like bat flips, but others don’t. It’s a matter of personal taste. And I 100% flip that around to the other side – some people express there joy differently then you.

Now I will grant that in given situations, there are legitimate complaints. If a pitcher plunks the batter later, or if someone is truly trying to be a jerk with the flip, then those are topics for debate. But short of that – people are going to disagree with your opinion about bat flips. It’s not a big deal.

Now lets all have a group hug. And I am still going to take you to the trampoline park Saturday

ScoutsEdit:  This was too damn funny to pass up

27 thoughts on “Are bat flips really worth fighting about?

    1. It was an epic bat flip. Quite possibly the greatest bat flip in the history of the game. Perfect timing, perfect poise, perfect expression, perfect exploitation of force and inertia in perfect balance. In other words, art.


  1. You quoted the best quote in the history of quotes. The Iverson. I bow to you.

    How the hell am I gonna make my teammates better by bat flips? 😉


  2. In general I don’t care about bat flips, even if Bautista’s was the most bat flippiest flip of all time. But I think it’s a fine line between celebrating and showing up your opponent, and in general it’s not nice to be mean towards other people, and most people do deserve basic respect and dignity, so I could see where this could get out of hand quickly. I’m waiting for someone to cradle a bat and lay it gently on the ground after a home run. Sort of the anti-bat flip.

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      1. Yeah, that’s quality stuff. I just saw something not long ago that the guys were getting ready to start filming stuff for their new show on Amazon.

        I assume most, if not all, of the established elements/segments belong to BBC, so it will be interesting to see how they go about new things. I also assume that the three guys will still be the three guys, and based solely on that fact, everything will be just fine.


  3. Wait, so I get online today and there’s non-stop chatter about The Bat Flip. I read about it, I see tons of comments, I skim through my Twitter feed because there’s so much of it…and then in the midst of all that noise I find the Colabello swing-flop. I’m ashamed of you guys. How could you bury this beauty? I could have missed it entirely.

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  4. Counterpoint: hell, yes. Bat flips are worth arguing about. On the way home from work, I heard unfamiliar chatter on the Tampa Bay’s local sports radio. With the Rays out of contention, baseball wouldn’t be a blip on the radar this time of the year (save me the Rays have no fans blah blah–they have more fans than you think). It would be all football talk. Yet there they were, callers calling in, talking about baseball. Okay, it was tangentially about baseball, but it was baseball talk. Buzz about baseball, about the bat flip, Bautista, the Blue Jays, the fans, the controversial call. This gets people excited about the product. People will tune in to watch to see what happens next. All from a bat flip. Controversy breeds interest. No hugs, no kumbaya. We can’t get along. It’s better for baseball.

    Now I’m Jose Bautista fan–I think he’s a crybaby–but that moment will become one of baseball’s iconic replay highlights. It was intense, raw emotion.

    That Worthington tweet is hilarious.

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  5. I’m not against bat flips in general, but I must admit I’m not a huge fan of standing at home plate glaring at the pitcher like you want to actually murder him for 3 seconds BEFORE you flip the bat. Maybe we could walk that back a little.


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