Game 1 Of The Day – Cardinals @ Cubs (3:30PM NLCentral Time)

post season

Cubs lead the series 2-1.  Ideally, this will be last time the Cubs and Cards meet this year.  Nobody wants to see another game at Busch.

Wind is again blowing out, though not quite as strongly and with more of a left-to-right direction instead of straight out.  Also, it’s supposed to be a bit cooler today, so perhaps the ball won’t be quite as jumpy as it was yesterday.

Hammel and Lackey are the official starters.  But since Lackey is going on short rest for the first time since a decade and a Tommy John ago, and Hammel has been mostly back-end garbage since his hammy injury in early July against these same Cardinals, this one is likely to get into the bullpens early and often.

A bit more about last night’s Game 3 –

Not only was last night’s game the first time a team hit 6 HR’s in a postseason game, it’s also the first time that a team had 3 players under the age of 24 hit a HR in a postseason game (Schwarber, Bryant, Soler).

Also also, Jorge Soler is the first player in history to reach base in his first 9 postseason plate appearances – single, double, 2 bombs, and 5 walks. How much farther will he extend his record?

Eamus Catuli.

43 thoughts on “Game 1 Of The Day – Cardinals @ Cubs (3:30PM NLCentral Time)

      1. It’s almost like you’re being a adult baseball fan here. Are you Ill? Do you need medical attention? Pound the keyboard with your face if yes. Haha

        No, serious here, thanks for being cool about maybe being eliminated. It’s nice to know that even though we love the sport, none of us are going to riot or beat up our spouses over a friggan game. It’s refreshing, besides I believe that the NFL has the trademark on all that. At least until the Patriots get caught cheating again, then all bets are off!

        Tom Brady is the greatest person who has ever lived, just ask him! Haha


        1. I’ll be disappointed if they lose…but, the Cardinals have won 2 WS in the last 10 years, been to the NLCS 9 or 10 times since 2000, and to the WS 4 times since 2000. I have already had more than a lifetime’s worth of baseball enjoyment just the last 10 years…and that doesn’t include the 1982 WS win or the tragedies in 1987 and 1985.

          I know I am supposed to hate the Cubs or the fans, but I just don’t…maybe because I haven’t lived in the mid-west since 1994 (familiarity can breed contempt)…in any case, I don’t begrudge anyone that is a fan of a team with a long history of losing or a long dry spell of post season success or winning a championship being super excited about their team winning in the playoffs. I mean, I’m not rooting for the Cubs right now, but I can’t get upset over people getting a chance to be excited about how well their team is doing…especially if it they haven’t experienced a WS win in their lifetimes.

          Enjoy it…that what sports are here for.

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      2. I’ll be disappointed if the Cards lose, because, even with playoffs crapshoots, it was preventable.

        (It’s also preventable in another way; seeding the four teams by record after the WC game. Are you listening, Commissioner Corleone?)

        But, I won’t be hating on the Cubs. Jokes on the site FKAHBT aside, I’m not a Cubs hater.

        This isn’t something like Yankees-Sawks, after all.


        1. God it will suck if it happens and you’re too incoherent and drooly for it to be fun to beat you. 😦


        2. Well, if it had happened at about 6 am today, I would have been too incoherent and drooly to realize what was happening….so that day may not be so far off.


        3. I guess. He’s defending Craig being a hypocritical and a dick….and giving credit to Craig for the value of a community that formed, when it was the community that created its own value….and then he continued to staunchly defend Craig’s embarrassing behavior during the new site roll out and I wouldn’t let him make shit up…which he did over and over.


        4. The funny part is that he kept referring to “here” as if I was actually on the baseball site, which I never was after my original comment….and, of course, the reason I wasn’t is mostly because there aren’t really any reasons to visit the site more than once/day.


      3. @PAPERLIONS- thanks for the answer, a little like me since 2004. I just want the Cubs fans to feel the joy of a miracle! I’m full gear rooting for the Jays, cause, AL Least! If the Cubs should make it also? Well….they are my pick in the NL, but Canada deserves good things just because they are extremely nice people…and that Loria illness happened, so there’s that.

        How fucking ever, this is the fucking Cubs! Call me an altruistic God-like being of your particular religious beliefs, but Boston luck is OVER EVERY PART OF THIS TEAM.! We did it, why not them?

        Truly though, your a ” reasonable ” fan. That I wasn’t kidding about. Kudos my friend.


        1. Well, none of us agreed with each other all the time.

          I think the worst part of the design is that it revealed Craig’s change in personality.

          Before, it was like he was one of us, but with a blog/voice….now, he acts like a member of the media, too smug, too isolated, lack of self awareness, lack of consistency on takes, a lot of laziness in the “stories”….very rare is the post that provides insights beyond the original story….lot of “hot takes”, essentially, they are just a platform for people to comment or follow the original link….seem like he’s gotten bored, lazy, or both.


        2. My mom was up visiting this past week. She isn’t really a baseball (or sports) fan, but she was rooting for KC as she has friends and colleagues from there and, apparently, for Missouri solidarity….or something.


        3. Awww, but now I hate your mom. I hope you had a nice visit with that bandwagoner. Boooo, royals!


        4. If it helps, she was sad to leave because she was losing her sleeping partner. Ajax slept with her each night.

          The dogs love her because she’s such an easy mark. They just look at her and she interprets it as pleading for a treat.


        5. I’m in doggie heaven now. I’m taking care of the 2 dogs while my brother and his wife are away. I can’t even tell you how adorable Chewbaca is. She’s mine. They are such good dogs. I love being around them again.


  1. Also, I anticipate foul balls that levitate for long periods of time. Let us hope that Matheny using the bullpen like Kleenex comes back to bite him.

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    1. It’s not super-precise Latin, but it’s definitely specific to the Cubs.

      Fun Fact – Those two signs were originally invented by one of the rooftop owners as a contest to see who could decipher their meaning first.


      1. That will be a wonderful day, but no matter what happens the rest of the playoffs, that day won’t come this year.

        The best that can happen this year is AC070000. And that would still be more than awesome.

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    1. Not too surprising either, at least not on Maddon’s end of things. He’s never been afraid to go to the bullpen before things get out of hand rather than waiting until after the dam has broken.


  2. I just realized that the only pitchers left in the bullpen after Strop are Rondon, Hendricks, and Lester.

    If either Strop or Rondon run into any trouble, there’s not anyone left to bail them out. So lets us hope they don’t run into any trouble.


  3. I get to the hotel and turn on the postgame show to be greeted with nonsense about the wonder of the Cubs’ BP — including Fernando Rodney — and how everyone deserves a 2nd (!) chance. WTF happened while I was driving????


    1. As predicted, Maddon went to the bullpen early and often.

      7 relievers combined for 5 H, 1 BB, and 13 K’s in 6 innings. Grimm, Richard, Strop, and Rondon were particularly lights out.

      So yeah, the bullpen was pretty damn solid overall. Then again, Rodney couldn’t find the zone with a map, a flashlight, and multiple flashing neon lights.


  4. I am happy for the Cubs, but their win ensures me at least 5 business days of misery. The company I currently represent is based in St. Louis, and they are all crazy Cardinals fans. Everyone in St. Louis is a crazy Cardinals fan. I once sat at a bar with my VP of Engineering while he watched an entire Cards game through an app on his phone that had tiny animated players acting out the live feed.

    This was in May. On a Wednesday. God help me.

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