Game 3 Of The Day – Cardinals @ Cubs (5:00PM Correct Time)

post season

The series is tied 1-1.  After today, it won’t be.

Wind looks to be gusting out, if not full-on howling out.  Pitchers who fail to keep the ball down will likely suffer consequences.

2015 Arrieta = 56.2 GB%, 22.8 FB%.  7.8% HR-to-FB ratio.

2015 Wacha = 45.8 GB%, 32.0 FB%.  11.2% HR-to-FB ratio.

And I believe the Game 4 pitchers have been made official at this point.  It will be Bullpen Game vs Bullpen Game.

53 thoughts on “Game 3 Of The Day – Cardinals @ Cubs (5:00PM Correct Time)

    • It appears that, contrary to popular opinion, Arrieta might actually be a mortal human and not a mythical god of throwing baseballs.


  1. I don’t know who that was on the mound today for the Cubs, but it damn sure wasn’t the Arrieta I’ve come to know and love this year. Wherever that guy is, I hope he comes back soon.


    • Having never seen a second’s worth of the show, or advertising for the show….I’m going to assume that it’s because the majority of people in this country are stupid and like stupid shit.


      • Thanks for mentioning Thor. I was staring at that face in the youtube image trying to figure out if and where I had seen her before, or if she just had one of those type of faces where you think that you’ve seen them before. (I’m not really a fan of the Thor movies anyway. I’d call them the weakest link in the Marvel movie-tv-netflix super saturation, despite having clearly the best villain in any of their moving pictures….although that Ultron movie was pretty garbage too. I’m very much looking forward to Jessica Jones keeping me warm this winter.)

        And no, I’m not going to actually click on that youtube image and watch any of that show. I can’t have that shit in my browser history.

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    • Yes. I can explain it.

      Most people are both stupid and simple.

      The show is both stupid and simple. It plays to the vast majority of the population.

      Shows watched by lots of people get renewed.

      In short, we are not the target audience for shows like this.


      • Sort of like “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo”, I guess. TV pandering to the lowest common denominator, which seems to reach new lows every year. TLC used to stand for “The Learning Channel”, but now, near as I can tell, it stands for “Total Loser Channel”.


      • Although I don’t know about you, Lefty, but I desperately want Javy Baez to attend Andrelton Simmons’ School of Fielding immediately. What the hell was that lazy ass lob over to Rizzo? I wanted to jump in my car and drive the four hours to Chicago just to meet him outside Wrigley and throw peanuts at him.

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      • I have a feeling that you and I aren’t the only people less than pleased with that lazy shit. I suspect by now, more than one of his teammates have expressed their displeasure with it as well.

        I really hope Russell isn’t hurt too bad.

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      • I hope Russell’s okay, too; the Cubs need him. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s all right, and Maddon just wanted to make sure he’s as close to 100% as possible for tomorrow, since at the time they pulled him it looked pretty reasonable that the Cubs would be okay with Baez covering.


  2. I suggested that batted balls entering the bleachers might be an element of today’s game….but I didn’t imagine that the Cubs would set a postseason record for most HR’s hit in a single game. And three of those came from rookies (Schwarber, Bryant, & Soler)

    I is a happy boy. I will is even happier if I see 5 strong innings from Hammel tomorrow.

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    • I literally screamed when they took that two run homer off of Waino. Waino!!! Two runs off of Waino!!! I still can’t believe it!!!


    • Ugh. Wacha just hung that second HR pitch. And, his fastball just stayed high and flat with a “nice” tail on the third, to Bryant. Siegrist had no real movement, other than tailing back into the wheelhouse, on Rizzo. Waino’s to Soler looked almost totally like Wacha to Bryant. Broxton wasn’t much better, and none of them have that much fastball speed to get away with flat pitches like that.


  3. It would be nice if these games were scheduled so that I can watch them. My schedule has been crazy the last week, and I’ll be in a meeting when this one starts…and likely have a follow up meeting immediately after based on the discussions of that meeting…..of course, that is probably preferable to watching Lance Lynn throw away the season by walking 6 and giving up 3 HRs in 3+ innings….still, it’d be nice to have the option of watching the season potentially end.

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    • What I didn’t understand is why the Sunday night game started at 8. It’s friggen Sunday. You can play you know, before the stroke of midnight people! I get that weekday games start late due to the west coast, but the Sunday night game should be at a more reasonable hour for everyone involved.


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