Game 1 of the Day — Astros v. Royals (10freakingam PT)

ThFeatured imagee first game of the day could bring our first elimination of the post-season. I have offered rum to Jobu for the Astros to get rid of them nasty BBQ boys. God, I can’t wait for things to return to normal in the Central.

Anyway, today’s game has an upstart punk for the Astros (surprise!) on the mound against everyone’s least favorite beanballer for KC.  The stakes are high, so expect lots of stratergistic moves from Ned Yost. Hopefully, that means even though he’s left Omar Infante off of the lineup, he’ll make a late game appearance involving an epic error.  Please, Jobu, accept this rum…

35 thoughts on “Game 1 of the Day — Astros v. Royals (10freakingam PT)

  1. That sweet September Astros song – let the boolpen fuck it up. Haven’t we watched this before – I mean, recently?

    PS – despite being a big Carlin fan, I never use “fuck” unless it is absolutely warranted.

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