Adam Wainwright bites the hand that feeds him

Sports these days are littered with two types of commercials.  Daily fantasy sports and erectile dysfunction ads.  No one likes them, no one wants to see them, but at the end of the day, its generally accepted these commercials are what help keep costs down and basically pay the bills.  We live in a free society and if some banana company wants to pony up and throw up a commercial every break selling me day old bananas, they have every right to do so.  Adam Wainwright decided to speak from his ivory tower about the subject the other day.  WainoTweet101015The tweet has since been deleted, but we all know the internet never forgets. It seems that Adam objects to the nature and frequency of these ads, because won’t somebody think of the children already?  I’m not a father, so I haven’t had the pleasure of my kid asking why the two old people are taking a bath in a field at sunset, but I figure my response will be the same as it is when they ask me where their college fund went.  “Get me another beer son.”  Look, I get it.  These ads, they aren’t really a lot of fun.  But at the end of the day, they are the one making all of this possible.  Adam, until you and the rest of the league are willing to take a 95% pay cut and come back down to the financial level of the rest of us, why don’t you just shut the hell up.  There are a lot worse companies to be going after than an American industry that’s just trying to give men a hard-on.  If you really want to go after someone in the drug industry, why not go after this piece of shit.

55 thoughts on “Adam Wainwright bites the hand that feeds him

  1. Team Wainwright! I do not care about all y’alls’ limp dicks. I hate having to hear about it. Wanna hear about how perimenopause sucks? I thought not.

    Hey, and way to reach out to young women and people of color — because there’s nothing they like hearing about more than old (white) grandpa not getting it up. But, yeah, people, think about “family” audiences in public. You don’t have to tell kids everything.


    • …and here’s the thing. There isn’t a single limp-dicked old guy that doesn’t already know about boner drugs. Not one…and which one he gets will likely be determined by the preference of his doctor, not by commercials.

      Now, if they came out with a commercial that advertised for both memory loss and boner drugs at the same time I could understand that being on every 5 minutes.

      I have actually missed innings and minutes of games I wanted to watch because I got tired of the gambling commercials playing over and over…I’d change the channel and forget to go back for a while.


      • This is one of the things I love about MLB.TV — no commercials!

        Listening to the games, I’ve had to hear some, but that’s because they are from the local broadcast. But those are for Whataburger and Waste Management instead of the d-pills. Oh, and Mercedes for the Dodgers (of course).


    • It’s not even about just that. You may not want to have that level of conversation about it with your kid, but you also may not want to have to deal with how male sexual satisfaction is so important, blah blah blah. There is such a thing as “age appropriate.” This is one of my beefs with a lot of the abortion debate too. There’s a time and place for some things. I don’t want to hear about it during my ballgame, and I’m an adult. I find most of the ads super insulting and it just alienates me from MLB.

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  2. But… white guys need their meds. E.D. pills are covered under a lot of insurance plans, but birth control is not.

    The Conservatives ONLY care about the child in the womb! After that, fuck you whore..raise it yourself! What’s that? Your stepdad raped you, well… it’s the future president..raise it!

    Like the joke goes, if men got pregnant, we would have more abortion clinics than bars! It’s kinda too bad that we have so many eleven year old temptresses that makes horny Republicans punish the wrong gender!

    Then again, they DID marry and the wife votes for whomever they are told to vote for. So kinda weeds out the idiots. Look at your Facebook feed! 3/4 of the idiocy of the memes are from self identifying republican women with too much time on their hands. The husband is trying to push his same sex anti-marriage agenda and doesn’t have time to post about his latest toe-tapping at a rest stop adventure😉


  3. Related? Nothing against breast cancer, or breast cancer research (which most of the “think pink” stuff in October doesn’t actually fund), but at least MLB doesn’t have players wearing pink shoes, unlike the NFL.

    Or the Dallas Morning News, which has a pink Javascript banner that pops up for the first five seconds OF EVERY WEBSITE STORY THIS MONTH.


    • Pinkwashing is horrible and I wish it would stop. There’s a whole cottage industry about the Pink Ribbon and the whole Susan G. Koman thing. I don’t particularly want to get into it all but apparently it’s not really the fundraising thing that it’s made out to be.

      If a person really cares about cancer research, buying pink stuff isn’t the way to go. Donating to cancer hospitals directly is a good place to start. That’s what I do, personally.

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      • No, it’s not. And given that the Komen family itself is Metroplex-connected, I know that’s why the Dallas Morning News is so big into doing it. It’s all about Dallas-Fort Worth and Texas PR, optics, and politics.

        Oh, did you see that other comment of mine, about how to move something like the Utley post back to the top by simply redating it when you edit?


    • I wish they’d disallow it, too. It also feeds into the general hypochondria of the American public – “I have scaly bits on my feet AND I once had buzzing in my ear! OMG I have this rare ass disease that no one in my family has and no one’s even heard of! I need this medication!”

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