Game 2 of the Day — Mets v. Dodgers 6:00 LOCAL TIME

TodaFeatured imagey, Greinke gets the start for the Dodgers, but is it enough to overcome the one-two punch of Grandypedes? You know the Tigers originally drafted Curtis Granderson and then later traded him for Austin Jackson, who they sent to the Mariners subsequently. Jackson is now playing for the Cubs in the other division series. Then the Tigers picked up Yoenis Cespedes, who they gave away to the Mets this year, so basically If you’re an OF that gets traded by the Tigers, you’re in the post-season while MVP Miggy and his crowns sit at home. Not that we’re bitter. Also, I can make these things about the Tigers as long as y’all let me write them.

Anyway, pitching match-up, blah blah blah. You can’t argue balls and strikes if you’re only getting the audio. Thanks, MLB!

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