Is Today The Best Day Of The Year For Baseball?

VrR4HHDIs today the best day of the year for baseball?  There’s only four games on schedule, but man what great match-ups we have.  Today is one of those days where I really wish I didn’t have this pesky job and could afford to watch the probable 12 consecutive hours of action.  It all kicks off at Noon in the only time zone that matters, and will continue well past this old man’s bedtime.  It’s the most excited I’ve been to watch a set of games since it was made clear my beloved Orioles weren’t going to make the playoffs.  Has there been a better lineup of games, on a better schedule than this?  Not this year.  Who are you most excited to watch?  Myself, I don’t get to watch much Kershaw, and deGrom is always a pleasure, so that’s the one I’m most looking forward to, however you can’t go wrong either way.  Will the Blue Jays and Stroman rebound from last nights devastating loss?  Will Cueto turn his late season funk around, or will KC go behind big heading back to Houston?  Can Lester finish what Arrieta started?  Am I starting to sound like a bad movie announcer?  Let’s find out!

19 thoughts on “Is Today The Best Day Of The Year For Baseball?

  1. The playoffs — excepting the World Series — are the worst part of the baseball season because they’re the hardest to watch and you have no choice but cable. What is an inconvenience during the season becomes the MO during the playoffs. Blackouts are the worst thing in baseball.


      1. Yeah, you have to have a “pay tv provider” to be able to stream it — and you still have to pay $10 for that!


      2. Holy shit that’s total bullshit. I thought they were finally lifting that black out and cable requirement bullshit. You know if you want, I can setup you up as a user on my home account and you can authenticate using that.


        1. I fully agree with you. It’s been one of my biggest pet peeves for years now. Blackouts are anti-consumer and should be illegal. It’s fucking ridiculous that people in Canada and Mexico and fucking Iran have more options to watch MLB and NFL than the people who pay for the fucking taxes, the tickets, and the advertising that allows all this to happen. It’s the sole reason I want the anti-trust exemption to go the hell away.

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      1. One is a Rembrandt, the other is Vermeer. A pitcher who throws super wild is known as a Jackson Pollock.

        I can do this all day.


  2. With no apologies to anyone whatsoever…..

    I’m so glad the playoffs have started
    With the Pirates and Yankees departed.
    Now the Astros and Cubs
    Who are surely not scrubs
    Will leave other teams sorely down hearted

    The Rangers and Mets
    Face the longest odds bets
    In the Jays and the dodgers
    Who themselves aren’t codgers
    And the pitchers are the very best yet.

    Who cares ’bout the Cards
    Or that BBQ yard
    If they both go away
    Their opponents will say
    You see? That wasn’t so hard.

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