I bet the Royals post the right team on the lineup card today

Featured imageLast night, the Royals lost the opener to the Houston Astros.  The New York Yankees were watching from home.  Or a beach somewhere.  Probably some place tropical that gets to watch MLB.tv games without requiring a cable subscription.  During the broadcast the cameras showed us a picture of the lineup card that was posted.  Two things very clearly standout.  First, the team had the Yankees on the lineup card.  I know there wasn’t much notice when the Astros beat the Yankees two days before, but you gotta figure it really doesn’t take much time to print out a lineup card.  You gotta figure the template is already set, you just gotta add the team name the the team logo.  I mean hell, the calligraphy must have taken a few hours alone to write up right?  So the question remains.  Simple ignorance by an employee who can’t be bothered to google “MLB.com Playoff Matchups”, or intentional dig toward the Astros?  Either way, the Astros got the last laugh taking the game 5-2.  It’s a pretty safe bet today’s lineup card will have the right team on it.

3 thoughts on “I bet the Royals post the right team on the lineup card today

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