Breaking News: Lloyd McClendon Out At Seattle

Featured imagePer the Seattle Times, Lloyd McClendon will be released from his managerial duties in Seattle. He has been with the team for two seasons. This year, he had a losing season, capped off by an uncharacteristic meltdown from King Felix.

This will mark the ninth different manager for the Mariners since 2001. Yikes.

More as it comes across the wire. Maybe our Seattle correspondent Historio can give us a scoop?

“I have a great deal of respect for Lloyd, as a person and as a manager,” Dipoto said. “It is a credit to his professionalism that the team continued to play hard through the final day of the season. However, after extensive conversations it became clear to me that our baseball philosophies were not closely aligned. On behalf of the Mariners I want to thank Lloyd and his staff for their hard work the past two seasons, and I wish him the best moving forward.”

Bench coach Trent Jewett, third base coach Rich Donnelly, outfield coach Andy Van Slyke and bullpen coach Mike Rojas were let go. Pitching coach Rick Waits and quality control coach Chris Prieto have been invited to remain in the organization and will be reassigned.

Hitting coach Edgar Martinez and infield coach Chris Woodward were retained and will be on the big league staff in 2016

7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Lloyd McClendon Out At Seattle

  1. This is another one of those we-got-a-new-GM-and-he’s-bringing-in-his-own-guy rumors. It may end like the Brad Ausmus thing, or he may actually be out. There’s no official announcement yet — they’re just saying DiPoto wants to bring in someone new. Per the local news, McClendon is tight with the players (including Cano) so it may get awkward.


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