The Midnight Snack – Wildest of Cards Edition

HEY CHICAGO WHADDYA SAY!?!?!:  Cubs freaking WON TODAY. Go Cubs Go!!!

w flag

Always fly the W with pride.

I’m kinda excited right now. I had to work this evening, and at break the only tv in the breakroom was turned on to some dumbass show I’ve never seen before because two ladies were watching it and I couldn’t switch it to the game. Thankfully I had my phone out and was checking Twitter like a fiend, where I was able to see Dexter Fowler’s moon shot and nearly wet myself from the excitement. I swear, though, it was hard not to come down with a “cough” and say I had a sudden onset of Schwarber Syndrome.

I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together: With the Pirates’ loss, we say goodbye to yet another old timer. AJ Burnett will be retiring. Burnett pitched a no-hitter in 2001, and was an All-Star selection this year, as well as a World Series champion for the Yankees in 2009. An interesting fellow to watch – he was wild, and his control was wonky at times, but he pitched with such passion and intensity that it was sometimes really fun to watch him let it fly.

This Is Gonna Be Good: There are very few rivalries in sports that are as long standing as the Cubs vs. the Cardinals. In the decades that these two teams have been playing against each other (and fanbases loathing every second of the others’ existence), this will be the first time ever that they play against one another in the postseason. Who woulda thunk it? Joe Maddon probably can’t believe it, either.

JoeI’m not going to get cocky, but I feel really confident about the Cubs’ chances to get to the NLDS. No one has a winning record against the Cardinals this year, but the only two teams that had any sort of success against them were the Pirates and the Cubs. The Cubs’ record against the Cards this season is currently 8-11. I’ll take those chances, especially with Arrieta on the upswing and Wacha on the decline.

Game One – Lackey vs. Lester on the mound. Two former Red Sox, veterans of the Chicken and Beer scandal, and mighty fine pitchers who will set the tone for what will be some exciting baseball. I can’t wait.

12 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Wildest of Cards Edition

  1. Aramis Ramirez is pretty likely going to retire as well. I’ve always remained a fan of his after he left the Cubs, but I was quite happy to see him hit into that double play in the 7th.

    By the way, the Cubs and Cardinals played their first game against each other in 1892, making it the 2nd-longest running rivalry in the game after the Dodgers/Giants. The rivalry had kinda died down a little in recent years while the Cubs did their rebuilding project, but this series will get things back to a full boil in no time.


  2. Cardinals in seven, I think. This is the time of year when they usually jell. I’ll root for the cubs – it is in my anarchic interest to hasten the apocalypse – but I don’t think the Ancient Old Ones are finished amusing themselves yet.


  3. That game last night got ugly. Sean Rodriguez needs anger management. I have a feeling this upcoming series will also have a lot of bad blood.

    I don’t know who to cheer for in this upcoming series. Growing up, I didn’t like either team. On the one hand, Cardinals fatigue. They do build from within and I am a Matt Carpenter fan yada yada but go away for a year. On the other hand, Maddon is a genius fatigue, a narrative that will continue if the Cubs persist. Tough pick.


    • Yeah, the narrative is going to be annoying no matter who wins…either “Cardinal Way” bullshit or “Maddon is a genius” bullshit….as if somehow giving players credit isn’t a good enough narrative…or recognizing that it is the front office, scouting, and player development people that have made these teams great…but of course, no one really knows who those guys are.

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  4. So, as I figured I would, I stayed up and watched the whole game rather than getting the sleep I need. Baseball fandom trumps common sense yet again, but I did have a chance to sleep in an extra hour this morning, so it’s all good. Some random thoughts:

    Kyle Schwarber is a BEAST!
    Jake Arrieta is also a beast.
    Sean Rodriguez is a fucking idiot.
    Pirates fans detest the one-and-done and Cubs fans love it. Had the game gone the other way, the opposite would be true.
    The top three records in baseball being in the same division is an anomaly, and is no reason to completely overhaul the wild card system, despite what a lot of people would have you believe.
    The 98-win Pirates at least got a shot at the postseason, unlike the 103-win Giants in 1993.
    The Pirates missed winning their division by 3 games. They also posted losing records against every other team in that division, including the doormat Reds and Brewers, going 34-42 vs the NL Central.
    The team with the second best record in baseball going down in a one-and-done Wild Card play-in is less of a travesty than the team with the THIRTEENTH best record in baseball winning the 2006 World Series.
    At least the first ALDS game today is at a civilized hour.


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