Apparently the rest of the world just found out about Jessica Mendoza

Get ready for a lot of ignorant, moronic, hate speech.  I mean the internet has done wonders for allowing us to quickly and easily see how stupid people really are.  Huffington Sports details the insanity.

Sadly, this is likely only the beginning for Mendoza.  Bigots just seem to love to step up their game when their ignorance gets shouted down.

Female sports analysts have long faced discrimination on the job. Suzyn Waldman, now a color commentator for the Yankees, became the first woman in history to broadcast a World Series game back in 2009. When she started working as a sportscaster in the late 1980s, Waldman was stunned by the treatment she endured.

“I’ve never had people hate me because I was a woman. It was a real shock to me,” Waldman told AdWeek in 2012. “I’d get used condoms in the mail and death threats. Horrible things happened in those first few years.”

Mendoza told Buzzfeed that she was recently approached by Waldman at a Yankees game. The veteran sportscaster reportedly gave Mendoza her phone number “with the instruction to call any time she needed help.”

“So many women together, and honestly, so many guys have reached out to me,” Mendoza told the news outlet. “It just gives me the continued confidence that we all love this game and we’re all doing this together.”

I had most of the game on mute, a habit I have picked up over the years for most of ESPN televised productions, but what little I did listen to she seemed to do a really good job.  I mean really if you want to hate for hate’s sake, look toward the moron she replaced.  But yea.  Let’s get mad about a qualified person doing a good job just because she has boobs.  Logic.

54 thoughts on “Apparently the rest of the world just found out about Jessica Mendoza

  1. She’s been better than good in the booth and she’ll be fine dealing with the waning group of Neanderthals. The knuckle-draggers come out for all things like this. I’m frankly starting to think that these articles shouldn’t be written and media needs to ignore these un-evolved douchenozzles entirely. Ignore them and they go away. They are too predictable in their lack of intelligence and ugly commentary that it isn’t really news anymore, you know?

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  2. While reading the Huffington Post article I couldn’t help but think: “you know who belongs in the kitchen? I do! Because I am mother fucking awesome at cooking!”

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  3. The booth shots were the best part. Kruk sulking in the background with a frustrated look on his face while she just steamrolled him. “Holy shit, she’s better than me”. Funny how bad Kruk is when no one is setting him up for his one liners or funny stories and is actually focusing on the game. I thought she was excellent.

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    • “Funny” stories. Because they aren’t funny in the least. It’s a decline in return – Kruk looks great next to Schilling because Schilling is godawful terrible, but then eliminate the weakest link and suddenly Kruk becomes that very thing.

      Thank you Jessica Mendoza for culling the weak ones from the herd.


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