Take Your Pick – Wild Card Edition

Tuesday, October 6

Astros (86-76) @ Yankees (87-75)

The Astros have left-hander Dallas Keuchel (20-8, 2.48 ERA, 216 SO 1.02 WHIP) facing the Yankees right-hander Mashairo Tanaka (12-7, 3.51 ERA, 139 SO .99 WHIP).

Both teams backed into the playoffs losing the day before. The Yankees are currently on a three game losing streak and have lost 7 of their last 10 but managed to secure home field advantage due to Houston losing on the final day. Houston has won 6 of their last 10. The game will kick off at 8:00 PM EST.

Wednesday, October 7

Cubs (97-65) @ Pirates (98-64)

The top three teams in the NL were all from the same division this year, and since we are still using a long outdated playoff seeding format, we have a one and done situation where one of the two of the most interesting teams will be facing elimination. Soak it up, this promises to be a really great game.

The Cubs will send possible CY Young candidate Jake “why did we trade you from Baltimore” Arrietta (22-6 1.77 ERA 236 SO .86 WHIP) to face off against the Pirates and Gerrit Cole (19-8 2.60 ERA 202 SO 1.09 WHIP). Both players throw right handed.

24 thoughts on “Take Your Pick – Wild Card Edition

  1. I’m going with Cubbies and Astros. Yankees seem to be fading fast right now, (They looked absolutely terrible against the Orioles) and I think the Astros are young enough and hungry enough to show up big. With the Cubs, well it’s all about Jake Arrietta. He’s just been too dominate lately to bet against.


      1. I haven’t seen that in forever. I might need to find time to revisit that.

        I did recently-ish watch Tango & Cash again for the first time in probably 15 years. Still just as stupid/crappy/awesome as I remembered.


  2. Both teams have played essentially .500 ball for the past 3 months or so. So I’ll take fully rested/on regular rest Tanaka vs 3 days rest Keuchel* (who I believe has never pitched on short rest before).

    *Which means he’ll throw an 8 IP Shut-out 😦


  3. I’ll be rooting for Houston and Pittsburgh, but I think the fighting Arrieta’s will win something to nothing. I really have no idea who will win in NY


  4. Astros, because the Yankees are better than the Red Sox this year, so they have my ire.

    Cubs, because they deserve to win the game. It’s been far too long, however if they lose, I’m rooting for Pittsburgh to make the series.


  5. Love all of the deep analysis on here about who will win a one game playoff. It is quite literally like trying to predict the lottery. “I predict that this coin flip will come up heads because George Washington could certainly beat up an Eagle. However, if the game is contested in mid-air, tails obviously would have the advantage due to the Eagle’s overwhelming flying abilities”.


    1. Let me tell you something. If anyone else gets hurt on that plane, it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a prison cell to keep me from ripping your f*cking nuts off.

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  6. Astros in the AL. Cubs (obviously) in the NL.

    But if the Pirates do end up winning that game, I’ll throw my support behind them the rest of the way. They have always been a team I like, going all the way back to the Bonds/Van Slyke/Bonilla across the OF days.

    As for the playoff format….

    I really don’t have an issue with two of the three best teams in the game playing a one-and-done wild card. There should be a tangible benefit to winning your division, and avoiding the WC game is certainly that. It’s just a fluke that 97 or 98 wins isn’t enough to win this particular division this particular year.

    However, the teams should be reseeded according to best regular season record after the WC game is over. The Cardinals should be playing the Mets in the next round, with the WC winner having homefield against the Dodgers.


  7. The Yankees will win. Because they’re the effing Yankees. They always get lucky. Longo’s broken down at 28, but ARod’s still somehow hitting 30 bombs at 40 years old. Alfonso Soriano is terrible for a decade. Add pinstribes to his broken down body: All Star. Vernon Wells: Same. They are just those assholes who win, even when they shouldn’t.

    Ellsbury hits 2 bombs. Tanaka shreds his elbow in the 1st, and still pitches 6 shutout innings. Betances blows a 3 run lead in the 8th. Some guy named Greg Bird walks it off in the 9th.

    Cubs lose a heartbreaker. 7 innings of brilliant work from Arrieta. Their lack of relievers kill their chances. Rodney hits 2 guys in the eighth, in comes Strop, and he serves up a back to back doubles to pinch hitter Sean Rodriguez and lead off man Greg Polanco. Pirates win 2-1.


    1. FWIW, Vernon Wells was absolutely terrible as a Yankee. And you’ve got nothing on Bill Simmons’ rant on John Olerud after Game 2 of the ’04 ALCS.


  8. This is not for the wild card, but for a team that missed it by a game …

    It’s #SchadenfreudeAlert time!

    Dear Mr. Moreno:

    Your team just missed this year’s American League playoffs. You lost your division, as well as a chance at a wild card …

    Due to one player with the Texas Rangers who you are basically playing to play for the Texas Rangers. Said Mr. Hamilton was a key part of some of the Rangers wins over your Encino Angels of Riverside in the past few days.

    How you feel now?

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    1. He is burning hundred dollars bills to light candles at his mistress mansion, while buying Viagra by the box freight rate. How YOU doing?

      When you have that much money, and even more coming in you haven’t spent yet, well that’s like us people not getting our security deposit back!

      I do agree that he is probably a little perturbed, but I think it’s more about how he was really trying to come off as a good guy, and almost everyone was on Josh side. Obviously the old site had troglodytes but even then, reasonable people who don’t believe one shot of steroids makes you Canseco, argued reasonably, albeit a little off putting.


      1. How am I doing? My current locale has a Poultry Fest every year that substitutes for most of a county fair, as this is almost ground zero of Texas poultry country. Tyson employs 1,500 people in a county of less than 35,000.


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