The 2015 NL Central is the best division in history.

nlc bobbleheads

Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s games, one thing is certain.  The Cardinals, Pirates, and Cubs have combined to make this year’s NL Central the best division in the history of the sport.

Their records as of Saturday’s finals:

Cardinals = 100-60

Pirates = 97-64

Cubs = 96-65

No matter what happens on Sunday, those teams will finish the regular season with the three best records in the entire game.  Since divisional play began back in 1969, no division ever has had all three of the best teams in it.  Never. Until now.

Since the realignment in 1994 expanding to three divisions instead of two, there have never been 3 teams in the same division to all have 95+ wins in a single season.  Never. Until now.

Back when there were just two divisions, only once did such a thing happen.  The 1977 AL East had 3 teams with 95+ wins, the Yankees had 100, with the Orioles and Red Sox tied for second place with 97.   Of course there were 7 total teams in that division and the other 4 were all under .500.  So the Yankees, Orioles, and Red Sox got to play more games against weaker divisional opponents than the Cardinals, Pirates, and Cubs did this year, simply because there were more weaker teams in their division back then.

Now, there was obviously no Wild Card back in ’77, so the Orioles and Red Sox were just shit out of luck when playoff times rolled around.  While many people find it “unfair” that two of the best three teams in the game have to play in a one-and-done Wild Card this year….that’s a hell of a lot better alternative to the “fuck you, go home” scenario that used to exist.

10 thoughts on “The 2015 NL Central is the best division in history.

    1. OMG You guys, I think Scout got hacked by Bud Norris! FOH BUD NORRIS! SHOO!

      Man, next thing you know, you’ll say that pitchers have no reason to bat!!! 😉

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    2. You are obviously confused.

      The huge land mass that stretches from Canada all the way down to Argentina is all America. Sure, it’s divided into sub-sections, like North America, Central America, and South America.

      You seem to be referring to ‘Murica….the mythical land where everything is deep fried in lard and everyone has hyper-inflated egos.

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  1. The NL central may have a better record, but no other division was capable of matching this loss. Is that not the funniest thing ever?

    [video src="" /]


  2. I tend not to put a lot of stock into “momentum” entering the postseason….but I can’t imagine getting swept in a doubleheader, and shutout in both games, by arguably the worst team in the sport is the best way to wrap up the regular season.


    1. Eh, if you watched any of it…quite obviously that there were no fucks given whatsoever during either game. The second game was almost all bench players, and so was the last 5 innings of the first game.

      This was the first time the Cardinals have been swept in a 3 game (or longer) series in about 115 series…a month or so ago they were at 105 series, which was the longest such streak in quite a while.. Kind of a shitty way to have such a cool streak end.


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