Free Game of the Day — The Big Finale 12:05pm (PT)

You think you areFeatured image so advanced, mortals.  You think you rule the land and the seas — that your precious rule books mean anything outside your petty constructs. Ha!

MLB/the Commissioner may have planned a grand ending with all games coming off at once, but Mother Nature proved again who’s in charge. You can outwit the nitwits in the Planning of Baseball Schedules Department by watching TWO Cards-Barves games today — or mix and match, watching game 1 there and then switch to other games…and maybe back for the end of #2. Thank your Earth Mother that there will be prolonged baseball today, and load up because if your team isn’t going to the playoffs, welcome to the long cold off-season.

Let the games begin!

40 thoughts on “Free Game of the Day — The Big Finale 12:05pm (PT)

  1. Scout – do you have my personal email address? I seem to have misplaced yours. I need to ask you something pertinent to this site. If you don’t you can go to the Cormac McCarthy Society site and reach me via the “info” link (click on “contact the society” on the upper right).

    Yea, let the games begin – even with the knowledge that this will only bring that dark era called the orfseason closer, and closer, and closer….

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  2. “It is one of the secrets of Nature in its mood of mockery that fine weather lays heavier weight on the mind and hearts of the depressed and the inwardly tormented than does a really bad day with dark rain sniveling continuously and sympathetically from a dirty sky.”
    Muriel Sparks.


    1. I have become more philosophical about these things…you know he’s going to screw up some calls….I just hope that his bad calls balance out or come out in favor of the Cardinals…it really helps to recognize out loud the times your team benefits from the bad calls….so when they are screwed later, it feels more “fair”.


      1. I do try to keep an honest accounting of the blown calls for both sides, but crappy umpires really just reinforce my desire for a computerized strike zone.

        Replay has done quite a bit to help on the bases, but blown ball/strike calls massively change outcomes and no help seems to be on the way for those.


        1. I agree.

          I don’t want crappy umpires either….I just try to reduce my ire at them sucking by realizing that they suck for both sides.

          The game will be so much better when an automated strike zone is employed….no guessing what a strike is each day, no floating, shrinking or expanding strike zones, way fewer arguments.


      1. Watch it. It is only a couple of minutes. A woman decided she was tired of everyone everyone taking selfies and set up a “No Selfie Zone” in a public place as a “prank”.


        1. I didn’t even watch what they were, so…

          Life is too short to worry about other people’s harmless stupidity. I did take a selfie with my stepsister at the game. Frankly, I don’t know how they hold their phones out and hit the button. I’m not that good. I looked terrible and my beer was in a good part of the shot. :/

          Did yo see the pic I posted of Safeco with the roof closed?


        2. I did….I like that it is kind open air rather than all domey.

          FWIW, I have nothing against people taking photos of themselves from time to time….but that doesn’t mean that people obsessed (and there are millions of them) with taking photos of themselves shouldn’t be mocked.

          There is a giant chasm between taking a picture of yourself at a game or with friends from time to time and the people that take dozens to hundreds everywhere they go….or that fact that they actually make shoes for it….of course it is harmless, but so is making fun of it.


        3. Yeah, I don’t get the selfie sticks (really?), but I really don’t like having my picture taken and am vain enough to be bothered that I’m not photogenic in shots. I should probably take 5-6 just to get one worth keeping and delete the others. Maybe my lack of equipment and all is why I don’t take good ones.

          I saw a couple of guys taking pics of themselves and sons/bros at the game but I wasn’t fast enough to get a pic of them to post for effect.


        4. While I am sure it would not be the first time I disappointed you, they were making bro faces instead of duck ones. I’m really not sure what that duck thing is about. Is it just puckering up your lips or what?


        5. Yeah…if you google “selfie duck face” that should give you a good idea what we mean (and possibly a nightmare or two).

          What is a bro face? They all tried to look like Nick Swisher?


        6. Goofy faces/smiles or tongues sticking out (basically hamming it up for the camera) — and that thing where you hold up two fingers sideways (wtf is that? is it like a thumbs up?). I think I prefer being ignorant on these things.


        7. I have not been indoctrinated into all of their rites, ceremonies, and observances. I have no idea what that is…sideways peace? a greater than sign meaning I’m better than you…which I would think is hilarious but has a 0% chance of being true?


        8. I think it’s like “awesome sauce” — which when I asked my niece what that meant she said she didn’t know but everyone says it. I’m just gonna stay here comfortable in my non-coolness.


        9. Pretty sure I’m awesome and saucey, so no. But you maybe cooler than me and can make that call.


        10. Maybe when people say “awesome sauce” they are referring to you…being the epitome of both awesomeness and sauciness that you are.


        1. So, apparently the duck thing is an attempt to make it look like you have full pouty lips. uh huh


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