The Midnight Snack – Friday

I’m really tired. I have had, roughly, ten hours of sleep in the last three days. Insomnia is a bastard. My brain’s on meltdown. I can’t think of anything substantial to say, I’m still laughing at the end of the Astros/D’Backs game, and half of the games I would have cared about were rained out.

But Friday was World Smile Day. I thought, why not end the work week on a happy note? In no particular order, I’m listing some of my favorite smiles in baseball. Please feel free to share yours, too. I’m keeping with current players because no one wants to see my collection of smiling old dudes with and without derp face.

Jacob deGrom has the best hair in baseball. He also has one of the best smiles. His teeth are perfect. Next thing you know, he’ll be doing Colgate commercials.

Kris Bryant has given Cubs fans a lot to smile about. This dude is unfair, though. He has game. He has poise. He looks like an Armani model. He and Kevin Kiermaier run neck and neck in the “get lost in your eyes” category. But where Kris Bryant really excels is in his million watt smile.

As I’ve stated before, Jose Fernandez is precious and adorable. I don’t care who laughs at me for that, it’s true. He’s the kind of kiddo that you want to hug and give a teddy bear to. I mean, look at this face. Who can ever be mad at a smile like that?

Speaking of huggable teddy bears, what smile list is complete without Prince Fielder? Beloved by many (and still the Spousal Unit’s favorite position player), Prince Fielder adds twinkly eyes and stuffed animal squish to his smile to create a Power Smiler.

Finally, a sleeper choice and one I’m sure only I will like, my young child, Joc Pederson. I absolutely adore this kid. He’s goofy, he’s enthusiastic, he has two speeds and two speeds only, he has stupid hair that still looks fun and not d-nozzle-style, he has epic derp face (and I think y’all know how I feel about derp face), and he has a winning, happy smile.

Plus he wears my favorite number so you know he’s got that going for him, too.

Don’t forget to smile, and have an awesome weekend.

15 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. They had a fireworks show during the game tonight. At one point, they encouraged people to hold up their cellphones (like people used to do with lighters). Here’s a pic of the cellphone lights:

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    1. That’s cool! There’s actually an app that can cause your light to shine in rainbow colors. It would’ve been neat to see the whole stadium lit up like a rainbow. Maybe when the Giants have their Pride Night? That would be pretty sweet, actually.


      1. That’s a cool idea. There’s an app that looks like a Zippo lit. I was at a meeting at work once and some smart ass held their phone up with that on it.


    1. Historio, have you ever been to Miller Park? I really like their roof system. It honestly feels really open when the roof is open, as opposed to just having a hole in the ceiling. What’s particularly interesting is that I’ve been to games where the radar is showing a big blob of rain coming from across Southern Wisconsin and headed directly for the park. They start to close the roof right away. From open to completely closed takes about 15 minutes and they’re still playing baseball through the whole thing. You wouldn’t notice that the roof’s closing unless for some reason you’re looking up. Kinda neat.


      1. I haven’t been there. They opened the roof tonight after the game so they could do the fireworks. It took about 10 minutes, and yeah, if you didn’t look, you wouldn’t know it was opening at all.


  2. Here’s my favourite smile in baseball right now, from another young kid who just has way too much fun playing the game (and playing it well): Marcus Stroman



  3. Kiermaier is better looking. There’s a hardness to Bryant’s face that I dislike.

    Bryant has a higher ceiling for offense. Kiermaier is better at defense. I’d love to have both on my team.


    1. Both are nice looking fellows, for sure. I don’t go nuts for either of them, but they are attractive. And hands down they both have the prettiest eyes in MLB.

      Typical male beauty, as it were, is so lost on me. I generally think of these type of guys as “attractive wallpaper” – like it looks nice and I can appreciate it, but I don’t necessarily want it in my house, feel me? But I’m weird and I know it. 🙂


    1. That is a killer smile!!! So young – how old is he? I feel like I’m watching small children these days lol


      1. This is so gross lol. This year a lot of the kids who were drafted are so young that I could technically be their mother. It’s terrible. I’m not even that old for goodness’ sake. 😦


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