Free Game of the Day — The Lost Weekend Continues… (PT)

I wish I Featured imagewas spending this weekend binge watching baseball.  If you can, DO IT!  Do it for those of us who can’t — who are pathetic losers with weekend obligations.

Again, every game is a free game, and some of them will actually get played today.  Watch here.  Leave comments on games you watch so I can read the highlights later. Please.

35 thoughts on “Free Game of the Day — The Lost Weekend Continues… (PT)

  1. Happy happy joy joy, a Feesh doubleheader – eighteen innings of futility and ineptitude sprinkled with moments of glory and sheer terror!


  2. Well, there goes Paul Molitor’s AL Manager of the Year award.

    Seriously. The Twins this year reminded me a lot of the Brewers of last year – really good, for a really long time, until it really mattered.


  3. And an even bigger choke job than the Paps Special happened with the Rangers. I know a die hard Rangers fan who is just in tears. Literal tears. I feel so bad for him.


  4. A couple of pitchers throwing some dandies so far tonight….

    Scherzer has a no-hitter through 6. The only guy that reached was due to an error by the 3B.

    And Kyle Hendricks is perfect through 5 against the Brewers.


  5. So the Rays tied a record 2 days in a row. Yesterday, Brandon Guyer was hit by 3 pitches in one game, tying the MLB record. Today, John Jaso hit a home run, giving them 15 players with 5 home runs. It’s not as good as it sounds though. The other teams that did it: 2013 Cubs (66-94), 2012 Astros (55-107), 2007 Rangers (75-87) and 2002 Athletics (103-59).

    It’s never good to share a team record with a 55 win team, a 66 win team, and a 75 win team. Richie Shaffer and James Loney each have 4 with a day to go, so cross your fingers….for a NEW WORLD RECORD!!!!


  6. Chris Archer pitched 5 innings today, threw 72 pitches, and was removed prior to the start of the 6th. Kevin Cash came out to ask the umpire to allow Brandon Gomes extra pitches to get ready, leading to speculation that Archer was injured.

    It took 161 games, but now all 5 of the Rays preseason starters have been injured. Cobb, Smyly, Moore, Odorizzi, Colome, and Archer. Matt Moore too. 2015, fucking end already before Kiermaier loses an arm or something.

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      1. Apparently not injured, just “tired”. It kind of reminds me of Mr 3000 with Bernie Mac. Bernie Got hit 3000, and just walked off. Archer got to 250 innings, and called it quits in a 1-1 game thru the 5th. I kind of wish he was injured. I’d rather hear “My knee was bothering me” than “I don’t want to be here after I reach a milestone.”

        “Before the game Cash said RHP Chris Archer would pitch as long as he could. But Archer left the game after five innings having thrown only 72 pitches.

        “I didn’t feel like myself,” Archer said.

        Archer was making his 34th start of the year. The five innings gave him 252 for the season. Both are career highs.


        1. Really? He pulled himself because he just didn’t want to anymore? That’s rather odd. I have never heard of a pitcher pulling himself who wasn’t injured.

          I truly believe if there is one person who could benefit from a sports psychologist, it’s Archer, and I don’t mean that as an insult.



        Ties team record for starts in a game, gets to 250 strikeouts today, gets to 250 innings today. I’m not a big fan of someone gutting it out to set personal bests, then calling it quits once he’s achieved that.

        “But Archer said Friday that he felt fatigue during his last few starts. So after talking with head athletic trainer Ron Porterfield and Cash after the fifth inning, the trio decided to call it a season for the Rays All-Star.

        “I didn’t want to compromise the team going out there,” Archer said. “Compromise the team (Saturday) and going forward.”

        Archer joins David Price and Scott Kazmir as the only pitchers in Rays history to start 34 games in a season. He finishes the year with a team record 252 strikeouts, second most in the AL. He allowed one run Saturday, making it his club record and AL-leading 17th start where he’s allowed one or fewer runs.”


      3. I wonder if Archer has a bit of Starlin-Castro-itis. When playing for a competitive, winning team, he’s quite good. When playing for absolutely nothing, he kinda shuts down.

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  7. Sherzer!!!!! No hitter! 17 K’s! Struck out 9 of the last 10 batters. Holy batshit ratman!. Only the 5th pitcher with 2 no-nos in a season.
    And the Mets pitchers also had 18 K’s.


      1. Un freaking real! What a game. It’s a shame I didn’t get to watch most of it. 17 K’s and 109 pitches!! Dude was DEALING!


    1. Apparently if it wasn’t for one hairbrained error and one reeeeeeeeeally bad call, it could’ve been a perfecto.


  8. Cubs win, Pirates lose.

    If that same thing happens again tomorrow, Wrigley will be the site of the wild card game. And if Wrigley is the site of the wild card game, Wrigley will be a-rockin’.

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    1. I know the Cubs got back to the postseason in ’08, but I have a feeling that this is going to be on a 2003 level if they host it at Wrigley. This is going to be beautiful no matter what, though.


      1. Game 7 against the Marlins in 2003. I paid $350 for a seat in the back row of the upper deck, with my back against that chain link fence, right over the top of 3rd base. When Kerry hit that HR in the 2nd inning, I sincerely thought the building was going to come down.

        I’ve never heard the place even approach that level of insanity since. I’d love to see that change.


    1. The new report is that he is being left off the post season roster. He will pitch 2 innings tomorrow, and call it a career.


      1. What a guy. Always was a big Buehrle fan. Talk about a workhorse – him and Huddy going out the same year, it’s kind of a blow.

        Pitch just enough to make it worthwhile, and then say goodbye. This is like when Kerry Wood retired. And yes I did sniffle a little bit; that was the same day I was leaving to go to London and I cried on the plane, too.

        I get emotional about baseball, what can I say?


    1. Did you see that crapshow last night? I think I put my hands to my head at least twice. Seriously, the players converge and not a one of them catches the ball? It was like college ball — maybe not that good.


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