The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

There's a new Pap in town.
There’s a new Pap in town.

Bat Flip to Save a Life:  We’ve been talking about bat flips and unwritten rules and playing the game the Right Way. Here’s another enlightened player to add to our group – Twins part time pitcher and full time garbageman Ricky Nolasco. Today, he literally threatened Cleveland’s Jose Ramirez in a postgame interview that you can easily find on Twitter:

It’s pretty horseshit. He’ll get his, don’t worry.

What did he do that was so bad? He hit a homer off of him and then flipped his bat, that’s what. I wish that Zack Greinke faced off against this d-nozz on the reg and bat flipped for every damn thing. Bat flip for singles, bat flip for homers, bat flip for frickin’ sac bunts. I think I’m going to carry a bat with me to work and flip it just because.

Waino, Still Bueno:  My default setting in life is to hate everything even remotely related to the St. Louis Cardinals. Not only because I am a Cubs fan but because my entire family are Cards fans and I generally do everything they don’t do. My other default setting is to follow and admire great pitchers because that’s my truest passion in life, watching great pitching. So when it comes to Adam Wainwright, I am torn asunder.

However, my Cards hate cannot conquer for love of great pitching, and so I was pleased to see that Waino pitched in relief for the Red Birds today. What a tremendous achievement.

Out of this World:  Astros win tonight and now have a real shot of getting the second wild card spot in the AL. Can anyone really believe that this is the world we’re living in? A world in which the Cubs, Blue Jays, Mets, and Astros are among the league elite and the paper Champion Nationals are going to be experiencing the playoffs at their local Buffalo Wild Wings? This is an awesome time to be alive and I, for one, am glad to see fresh faces and fanbases in the mix.

Orbit has nothing to do with this but he's cute, okay?
Orbit has nothing to do with this but he’s cute, okay?

Also, speaking of Houston, El Oso Astro has thirteen triples this season. Evan Gattis. Thirteen triples. Sometimes I think maybe I’m experiencing a delayed reaction from all the high powered meds I had to take as a child when I see stuff like this. All I know is that Atlanta sure misses that big ol’ bear.

13 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

    1. bleh. I don’t know if you follow Gleeman on twitter but he was none too happy with his team acting a fool about the bat flip.

      But seriously – Ricky Nolasco has no room to talk about anything, ever. He has barely pitched in two years and when he does it’s a shitstorm.

      Sigh. And also, boooooooooooooo.


    2. For those of you who don’t speak Swears, Molitor is saying: Get the farfalloni off the field. Suzuki adds: Farfalloni you.


  1. Here’s a link to the whole thing. (If you pause it at about 18 seconds, you can see how far the bat boy had to go to retrieve that bat.)

    So, the Twins are already down by 6, then they intentionally walk a guy to get to Ramirez, and then serve up a homer to him?

    Seems like their problem lies entirely on their own shoulders here. If you don’t want to see hitters flipping bats, don’t give up home runs to them. That, or stop being an uptight piece of shit. Either way.


    1. It was. Mainly, the fact that they trot out a ginormous loser like Nolasco to try and right a sinking ship. This guy is the worst.

      /Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec voice/ THE WOOOOOOOOORST!


    2. If you IBB a guy, essentially saying, “We think we have a better shot getting next guy out.”…and the next guy goes deep, he should be REQUIRED to bat flip.

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    3. Teams just need to get over themselves. Sometimes it isn’t about you, it is about the other team enjoying doing something good.

      One of the things I absolutely hated about LaRussa was his attempt to stamp out any fun that his team or the other team might have. Guys in every sport can celebrate good plays without worrying about being assaulted….baseball culture is really lagging behind in this regard…and that is likely because of where so many players come from.


  2. As a rule, having little in common with Cardinal fans is a good thing. As a group, they are closer to the trailing edge than to the leading edge of social progress. Ever since I moved to CT, going back to visit my family gets a little tougher every time…the casual racism, the blatant racism, the out loud wishing that my gay niece would “go back to guys” that my female relatives do. They are part of the push back against minority cultures and social advances….it’s embarrassing and hard to be around.

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    1. Yeah. I feel that deep in my bones.

      Plus the insistence that I should become a fan… Look, I’m almost 36 years old. I’ve been following the Cubs and the Braves since I was seven. I had a cousin angry with me because I didn’t take photos of LaRussa last year when I was in Cooperstown. I wasn’t there for LaRussa, why should I?


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