Stu Sternberg, Rays Owner, Still a Mets Fan

IMG_1057Yesterday, while attending a diversity symposium in NYC, Westchester resident, Brooklyn native, and Rays owner Stu Sternberg had this to say about the Mets:

“As a Mets fan growing up and all, it’s wonderful to be here in September when things really do matter, and it’s a very exciting time to be a Mets fan. And I am still, as well, even though I’ve got the Tampa Bay Rays.”

He also added:

“In Major League Baseball we try to have local ownership in places, but when we bought the team, George Steinbrenner was running the Yankees from Tampa, so I figured I could run the Tampa Bay Rays from New York.”

Hmmm, I don’t recall Steinbrenner ever professing love for another Major League team. You sir, are no Steinbrenner. What do you think? Do you think this is cool for an owner to say? I also grew up a Mets fan, became a Rays fan, and am now happy for the Mets too. The difference is, I don’t own the Rays.

18 thoughts on “Stu Sternberg, Rays Owner, Still a Mets Fan

      • I think the fans there may be overreacting a bit. If it doesn’t affect how he runs his organization, what does it matter? It would be a BIG problem if he said he was a Yankemes fan, or a Deadsox fan, but the Mets are still in the National League and the Rays aren’t.

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      • From any Rays games I watched this season, it’s not like the fans have been coming out in droves to profess their undying support for the team. They’ve been languishing at the bottom of the attendance figures for years. Yes, I realize that the Trop is a dumpster fire of a stadium, and yes, I know how loyal you are as a Rays fan, ‘Burgie… I’m not slamming you here… but I don’t think most Rays fans can honestly slam anyone for being happy that their rooting interest for most of their life is doing well, even they own another team, especially if that team is not going to the postseason and their hometown favourite is, for the first time in a long time. Now, if the Rays were also playoff bound and Sternberg was saying he would root for the Mets over the Rays, then fine, but I see this as a bit of an overreaction likely stemming from a disappointing season.


        • Television ratings are pretty healthy, so attendance is actually not the best gauge for interest in this team. Choosing to not attend baseball in a depressing poorly built venue is probably a measure of good taste. I go, but I’m pretty hardcore. We need a new stadium in a better location.


      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Rays’ broadcasts tended to have strong ratings when they were competitive, no? Lends credence to the idea that it’s the stadium, not the team.

        Regardless, I have no issue with Sternberg rooting for the Mets with the Rays eliminated. Rays fans shouldn’t either.


    • A lot of people here doubt Sternberg’s commitment to the area and the team based on past comments and actions, so this adds fuel to that fire.

      Hey, I thought you didn’t understand how someone could have bi-league allegiances?


      • Well, I’m not bi, but I could see how you could adopt a second team as a fill in. It’s the crossing leagues that’s so disturbing, but it’s not like you can always buy the team you grew up loving.


        • I didn’t adopt the Rays as my fill-in. They supplanted my former number #1, the Mets, who happened to be in the National League, so now I have bi-league tendencies, although my preference is the American League. Whew.

          However, if I owned the Rays, and I wanted a new stadium in Tampa, I’d probably stay in the closet. Politics.


      • First of all, I stand for traditional fandom between one homer and the league they were born into.

        Secondly, it sounds like Tampa fans are being too sensitive and ridiculous. You can’t begrudge someone fond feelings for their first love — especially if they’ve gotten saved and root for the right league now. People who trash talk their ex are not classy, fans.


        • No one is saying he had to trash talk his ex. More like keep your fond, loving memories of your ex private to keep your new love from getting jealous and insecure. No one wants to hear the ex was great in bed.

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