Free Game on the Day — Mets v Phillies 9:05am (PT)

I’m still having cofFeatured imagefee, and they’re running around plying playing a ballgame? This is what’s wrong with Amanda America.

Something cal;led a Gilmartin is starting — I could be wrong on toast that; I don’t have my’ contacts in yet.

Anyway, if you’re going to have groceries gratuitous baseball (Mets already in, Phillie$ already eliminated), you might as well have your pitchers & bat before I get up.

Where’s my coffee?  Ahhhhh.

10 thoughts on “Free Game on the Day — Mets v Phillies 9:05am (PT)

  1. Wow, that$ just @ wurd salid you written their boss.

    I’m gonna have open enrollment for my online writing course called; You too can drunk-fu, pay me and I will show you how. Sign up early as I only have a billion or so open slots left. Historio, you can pay in popcorn.😉


  2. Cubs sweep Cincy and still have a shot at claiming home field for the Wild Card game.

    2 games back with 3 to play, but the Cubs have the tiebreaker…..which means the Cubs need to sweep the Brewers and the Reds need to win 2 of 3 in Pittsburgh to have the Cubs and Pirates end the season with identical 97-65 records.

    Go Reds.


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