The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Check that Amish flow.
Check that Amish flow.

The Battle of the Beards:  The Dodgers are NL West champions for the third straight year, coming off a masterful performance by Clayton Kershaw and his weird Amish beard.

Kersh gets a complete game shutout and strikes out 13. Most importantly, he finally got a win against his mortal enemy and mine, Madison Bumgarner (and his weird mountain man beard). I particularly love it because the narrative on social media this afternoon was “Kershaw has never won against MadBum! He always chokes in big game situations!” Well, he’s won now and this was a pretty big game so…

#FireEmoji, part two:  Like I mentioned yesterday, the Cubs are so on fire right now that even guys who normally stink up the place are putting in fantastic performances. Today, we were treated to an impressive outing by none other than Dan Haren. I know, right? Dude went seven and a third innings. No matter what happens with the Cubs this year, this has been a fun team to watch.

Nothing Fishy About It:  Mike Trout’s kinda good at baseball, you guys.

angels trout

This puts him in the company of such luminaries as Mel Ott and Ted Williams. You know, just some average joes.

28 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

      1. It’s hard to watch him bat. I get lost in those eyes! If Papelbon ever lays a finger on him, every female in the Tampa Bay region between 12 and 50 will attempt to castrate him (a lot of men too. Dude’s a stud).

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    1. I don’t want you to cry. If I told you Kim Davis had a 15 minute meeting with the Pope, where he praised her bravery, would that make you feel better?


      1. Well, how bout this: Water was discovered on Mars. Since Mars cooled much faster than Earth did, and cosmic collisions were frequent a billion years ago, there’s a semi reasonable chance that life began there, and was transported to this planet on the backs of asteroids.

        We’re all Martians!!!

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      2. Badhair, I read that. Fox does the same garbage. If HD was never invented, we’d be getting footage of the LA riots and they’d be photoshopping in a “Black Lives Matter” protester somewhere.


      3. Lions, meet your distant relative, the Water Bear (or Tardigrades). The females laid eggs and “hatchlings” were born healthy, while exposed to the elements (non-elements?) of space. They are actually pretty large, at over 1 mm. Freeze em, boil em, send them to space and back, and they remain helathy. I read about an amoeba or bacteria that survived being frozen for hundreds, or perhaps thousands of years. I looking for it now, but in the meantime, this is an interesting and quick read.

        “Boil them, deep-freeze them, crush them, dry them out or blast them into space: tardigrades will survive it all and come back for more”


      4. Ah, it was a virus. That was faster than I though it would be. A virus was frozen for 30,000 years, and came back to life. To the pope and Kim Davis, Earth was still a twinkle in God’s eye. Perhaps that’s what they met about.

        Tests would certainly have to be done, but I don’t think we can just say that a simple life form couldn’t survive a trip through space. Earth’s atmosphere was pretty nonexistant billion years ago, so entry through that atmosphere would be easy…if a lifeform could survive a massive explosion hurdling it in to space. The jettisoning into space seems far more difficult to survive that the trip over here.


    1. I did that once too. I wanted to see who liked a comment, so I meant to hit “by 1 person”, but accidentally hit the star button, liking my own comment. I hoped no one would see it.

      Funny fact: I almost always gave myself a thumbs down at HBT. I don’t know why.

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