Freak Accident Injures Cards’ Piscotty

Scary situation this evening in Pittsburgh as Cardinals phenom Stephen Piscotty collided with Peter Bourjos while fielding. In a freak accident, Bourjos’ knee smashed into Piscotty’s neck. He looked like he was knocked out cold for several minutes. They carried him off the field on a stretcher, with Piscotty giving the fans a thumbs up.

I’m not posting video or a still because it’s pretty rough to watch.

Shoutout to Pirates fans who gave Piscotty a standing ovation.

More updates when we hear them.

Update – 8:48 pm CST:  Per Jenifer Langosch (STL beat reporter) on twitter – Cards announcing that Piscotty has a head contusion and is going to the hospital for further testing.

Update – 10:31 pm CST: Per Bob Nightengale on twitter – Mike Matheny says that Piscotty’s tests and scans from the hospital show no apparent lasting damage. Will be hospitalized overnight for observation.

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