Curt Schilling is back. And he’s learned nothing.

Featured imageJust earlier today I was starting to worry about what we would do around here now that Papelbon would be going away for a little while.  And then the Sky opened up and my prayers were answered.  Sort of.  Coming from the wonderful folks at Deadspin, we learn today that Curt Schilling, the man who just loves to give will be returning to the studio for the playoffs.  He will not be broadcasting from a live game, so it’s expected he will be some in studio analyst.  Presumably so network heads can maintain a close eye on him.

Schilling for his part has been continuing to rant and rave like a madman on his Facebook account.  Hit up Deadspin for full photos/analysis.  I think ESPN may have provided the quote of the day.

Update: We reached out to ESPN PR flack Josh Krulewitz to see if the network had anything to say about Schilling’s Facebook activity. Here’s what we sent:
Hey Josh,
We were wondering if ESPN has anything to say about Curt Schilling continuing to post political memes on his Facebook page.
Here is the response we got:

20 thoughts on “Curt Schilling is back. And he’s learned nothing.

  1. I seriously need to start keeping a douchnozzle list again…

    Facebook memes are the worst when they’re political. The e-land of false analogies and misleading misquotes, if you will. If he is working again, journalists should make it their duty to ask him about each quote and meme he posts and his opinions on them. That way I can make memes using his quotes responding to those questions because I’m sure they’ll be terrific.

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    1. He adds nothing to a conversation. He trots out boring and/or tired cliches, his stats are bad, and when he doesn’t know what to say he compares pitchers to other pitchers who have no comparison. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a near murderous rampage because he’s had the gall to …. well I’m not going to get into it because I don’t want to raise my blood pressure or get an ulcer or anything, but just be glad you’re not a twitter buddy of mine because you would have already gotten an ear (eye?) full every time this freak opens his big yap.


  2. Sigh.
    1. The men pushing for independence from Great Britain were a minority in the colonies and they resorted to threats and terrorism to force their neighbors into cooperation and/or compliance with rebel efforts. It is not true that the colonists as a whole “manned up” to fight the British.
    2. We would not have beaten the British without the help of the French, Spanish, and our Indian allies. Again, we did not “man up” and win our independence. In good part, if it were not for the French, we would still be part of the Commonwealth like Canada. We had to have help too.
    3. Of course, in some cases, those who manned up were fighting for the British and they lost A good number of them fled back to Britain when the war was over. They were unhappy with our government and decided to leave…kinda like the immigrants you are talking to.
    4. These were not the only two times people were mad at our government. During the Whiskey Rebellion, Staters picked up guns, so the Army suppressed the movement. Other failed anti-government squabbles in the US include: the Nullification Crisis, any number of race riots and labor strikes that proliferated between the Civil War and World War II, the Green Corn Rebellion, the anti-war movement of the 60’s/70’s, the Mormon War(s), etc. Additionally, there were other disputes that were not resolved with guns, so many more than just 2 times.
    5. Of course the list in #4 doesn’t even begin to include the times that Native Americans, blacks, Chinese immigrants and others besides white men were unhappy with our government at various and sundry times. Sometimes they took up guns (and lost) but other times they did not. I guess those suffragists should’ve manned up to get the vote sooner.
    6. The time “we” got mad at our government and it turned in the Civil War, the rebels FREAKING LOST! Not a selling point to stay home and fight the powers that be.
    7. Not everyone was mad at the government about that end of slavery thing — not even all the white dudes. Plenty of “we” actually fought for the government.
    8. You really, really need to take some history classes — very badly. And STFU.

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    1. 4. These were not the only two times people were mad at our government.

      Yikes, what about TImothy McVeigh, or the Branch Dividian, or Ruby Ridge? Hell, what about the Civil Rights Movement? If your only criteria is “people upset at the government?”

      Also that Syrian refugee/Breitbart post makes zero logical sense. One group of people was surrounded by an armed insurgency, the other are refugees escaping across Europe.

      He really is a moron…


      1. I wasn’t trying to be exhaustive with my list. The examples disproving his contention were numerous — even if you’re strictly talking about people being preyed upon by the government.

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    2. Also, only 10 percent of American households had guns in 1775, contra wingnuts’ misinformation about what was behind the Second Amendment.

      As for the Civil War? Not only did the Rebs lose, the descendants of those Rebs are the people Schilling “pals around with.” (Thanks, Palin.)


    3. Typical chickenhawk bullshit. He talks about it like he participated in these wars. “Do what we did”. Ha! Curt, you had your chance to serve. You didn’t. You can shut the fuck up about what to do when an enemy attacks you.

      Thanks for writing this. You are very informed, and I loved reading that.


  3. I didn’t read Schilling’s stuff. I never do. Matter of fack, I don’t have a Twitter account and never look at it at all. I have deduced from the above that in this, I am wise beyond my years – and I have a lot of years.

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