So….Paps thought this was a good idea?

414papgrabsharpbyneckI got accused the other day of being obsessed about Papelbon – but this is too newsworthy to pass up. Jonathan Papelbon has had a heckuva September. First he blasts his former teammates in Philadelphia (and, curiously, the bat boy). Then he goes Rogue and plunks Manny Machado. And now this.

In the 8th inning of a tie game, Bryce Harper popped out and trotted to 1st base. Apparently Paps didn’t like that and twice shouted at Harper “run it out” as he came back to the dugout. Harper could be heard saying “Really? F*ck you, bro”. A few more word were exchanged, after which Papelbon grabbed Harper by the throat and forced him against the dugout wall.

So…..League MVP and franchise corner stone vs. newcomer with a mouth who was on thin ice to begin with after the Machado incident. And the big mouth initiates contact. Smart.


Hat tip to @indaburg, here is the video. Also, Matt Williams was very tight lipped annnoyed in his post game, would only say testosterone was flowing, and they would handle it internally.


Andres Bolanco removes any doubt that the Phillies are happy Paps is gone

24 thoughts on “So….Paps thought this was a good idea?

    1. Williams was asking about that, why do you have to Papel Bon in. He said “he’s our closer”. Makes sense.

      He slso said Harper was not hurt, and Harper was not taken out for failing to run to first. Which of course begs the question why he was taken out!

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      1. Having studied the way Williams thinks…er…reacts…er….tropes, my guess is that he removed Harper because he needed Papelbon to pitch the ninth and wanted to separate them to keep any further fisticuffs from ensuing.

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    2. You’re assuming Harper was taken out — as opposed to refusing to either take the field with that ahole or take the field without knocking out that ahole (closer). Of course the best part is that Papeldouche lost thereafter.

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        1. I would’ve. You don’t tolerate certain things and physical assault from a co-worker (and to the neck) is one of those. Boy, I’d love to see Leyland handle Paps.


      1. No, but did you ever see that great old horror movie The Crawling Eye?

        I’m suggesting that Papelbon is the rectal equivalent.


  1. PS – on a wholly unrelated note, I am googling around for any theories that birds evolved from cetaceans, because the Bills are carving up the Feens like a turkey this afternoon.


  2. A team with any kind of leadership at all would do what is necessary to keep him from every setting for in the locker room again. DFA, trade, just send him home….whatever.

    What a crisis in leadership.


    1. In order to have a crisis in leadership, you have to have leadership in the first place.

      Of course, Williams probably views himself as the latterday John Boner.

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