27 thoughts on “Free Game of the Day — Indians v. Royals 1:10pm (CT)

  1. Looks like a good crowd in Comerica today for the last home game of the season. Three men in the booth. Interesting. Kinda torn on beating the Twinkies.


  2. Doesn’t apply to the game of the day, but Harper and Papelbon got into a fight in the dugout. Had to be pulled apart by teammates.


    1. Ah, found it. Wasn’t even really hiding.

      Here’s the linkage.

      Kinda funny how Papelbon appeared to be doing some bullshit “play the game the right way” policing here, then turned around and pissed the game away in the 9th.

      And if you want to know what fear looks like, take a look at Papelbon’s face at about 35 seconds. He might have shat himself.


  3. Haven’t seen a video link yet. Game just ended. Shouldn’t be long before someone posts a link. If I find one, I’ll try to post it here.


  4. Unfortunately they were pulled apart by teammates. Haper hit a pop up and kinda jogged to first base. Looks like Papelbon said Harper has to run that out. Harper returned to the dugout and yelled back at Papelbon. Papelbon went for Harper’s throat. Then they were pulled apart. Maybe by Desmond. Harper went up the tunnel and didn’t return. Papelbon went out to the mound and promptly fell completely apart.


      1. Poop’s vesting option was picked up by the Nats as part of the trade….not at the original $13M, but an undisclosed amount less than that in exchange for assurances that he would be the closer in Washington.

        Seems to me the best option, assuming you can’t trade him for some pine tar, would be just to DFA his ass. So you eat some cash. Big deal. Better than eating his shit for another full season.


      2. Indy: that’s a good question. Is Papelbon’s original no trade clause still in effect, or did it void out when he accepted a trade to the Gnats? Hmmmm.


  5. Oh yeah, it was bad. Thanks for the posting the link in the other topic. I found it in the mlb at bat app, but couldn’t figure out how to post the link from there. One day I will figure out how to work this phone.


    1. Prop it against your ear, trapezoid pointing outward, and speak into the paralellogram at the bottom while holding the switch down with your middle finger.


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