National One Hit Wonder Day

Today is National One Hit Wonder Day.  A day that is near and dear to my heart.  I do love me a good one hit wonder.  That band/artist that gets a taste of greatness, only to fade into oblivion, riding that one magical moment out for all eternity.  Here are my top three favorite one hit wonders.  Give me yours!

Who doesn’t love a good Scottish band compromised of twin brothers?  Many people don’t know the official title of the song, referring to it as “I would walk (500 miles)” when it’s actually titled “I’m gonna be (500 miles)”.  But turn it on in a bar at 1:30 AM on a Friday and you best be ready for a group sing along!  This is my favorite song to hear in the stadium when the opposing team walks the bases loaded and you really want to get into the guy’s head.

Another great bar sing along song, and again no one knows it’s proper name (Mostly because it’s impossible to spell without Google, comes Tubthumping by Chumbawamba.  Used as a national anthem for teams who feel they are down but not out.

And let’s not forget, a song which helped launch MTV into the stratsophere, a song that helped define a generation.

Take On Me by Norwegian synthpop band A-ha.  I’m still not quite sure what the song’s about, but that dosen’t stop it from getting covered by anyone and everyone.

80 thoughts on “National One Hit Wonder Day

  1. Since I’m (probably, anyway) much older than you, Mine are, Ronnie and the Daytonas ” Little GTO”, The Surfaris “Wipeout” and Golden Earring “Radar Love”, which, incidentally is one of the greatest road trip songs ever.


  2. YouTube is not available to me at work, so I can’t link to the videos, but, here’s a true story about Jack’s first music purchases:

    For my 10th birthday, my parents bought me a stereo, a state of the art one from back then: turntable, dual cassette decks, and a radio, guarded by two sentinel sized speakers. I also got a little cash to buy some music. I went to the local record store (Peaches! . . . millions of), back when there were such things, and started sifting through the 45 bins. I think they were 3/$5 at the time. What I walked away with was three of the mid-80s best one-hit wonders: Twisted Sister’s “I’m not gonna take it”, the Georgia Satellites’ “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”, and Cutting Crew’s “I just died.” I still have them, with their dust jackets. And I still occasionally listen to vinyl. And in case my musical selections didn’t clue you in, I’m not an audiophile. I listed to vinyl because of nostalgia, not sound.

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  3. Well, since y’all opened the 80’s vault….here’s a fav that is awesome for reminding you how bad/cheap early music videos were:

    Also, the ultimate one-hit-wonder (and equally cheap but super-awesomely campy):


    • The reason for that is itself another one-hit wonder.

      Massively successful radio artists, like Steve Miller for example, just couldn’t figure out how to make the transition from the radio to the video….leaving the door open for just about anyone to take a shot a being famous.

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    • 2 reasons –

      1) He had a pretty successful rip-off of “Play That Funky Music” as well.

      2) Because both Queen and David Bowie have plenty of hits already.


    • Those youtube holes usually start innocently enough for me, like some random “img XXXX” searching for videos that people apparently accidentally upload without even realizing it….but I almost always end up watching some guy getting a massive cyst popped and drained by some idiot that doesn’t know to wear gloves.


  4. Enough of this 80’s shit. Come back with me to the early 70’s. In honour of the supermoon lunar eclipse this weekend, our local radio station played this one this morning as I was dropping the kids off at school.

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      • Thanks kind Sir, will you do the other two while you’re at it? I don’t want to have ten comments. I’m probably over my limit as it is. I’ve been replying from the post from this morning and this is as far as I got. I’m kinda afraid to post on anything recent as I’m well aware a little Slappy goes a looooooong way.

        Good luck to your Cubs this post season, if / when you win, you’ll be just as insufferable as us Red Sox fans soon. Yeah, you have that to look forward to.

        But, at least you’ll know the joy of never doubting them again! After the first one, you’ll never figure they will choke in four again! After three, you really don’t care that they spent a quarter billion on hot garbage that will haunt you for years. I’m ONLY sleeping at night knowing that Ruin Tomorrow will be hired by some team, and a competent GM will take them off our hands and deliver them to either Magic Johnson or to whomever hires RAJ!


  5. The first is a blue velvet cover, the second is aldo nova fantasy and the third should be Jeff Healy doing Angel. Three really great songs that you’re not going to want to get out of your head right away and you might have overlooked in the past.

    You’re welcome/ sorry! Cheers


  6. And bringing it back to baseball, let’s hear it for pitchers Charlie Morton of the Pirates and Mike Bolsinger of the Dodgers. They lead the majors this season with the most at-bats (36) with only one hit. Morton has 18 strikeouts, Bolsinger has 22.


  7. My wi-fi is spotty in this hotel, so no videos for me today, but I have to chime in on this.

    “Possum Kingdom” by the Toadies is one of my all time favorite songs ever.

    Alana Davis did a cover of a song called “32 Flavors”, originally by Ani DiFranco. I love this cover version and always thought it was really great.

    Another all time fave is a song called “Bad Reputation” by a dude named Freedy Johnston (yes, it’s Freedy, not Freddy). Oh man, I love that song.

    However, the best time for one hit wonders was the 70s. Y’all, I love 70s music. I could write a book about my love for 70s one hit wonders. I found a good list on WIki – – but seriously, “Reflections of My Life” by Marmalade is AN ALL TIME JAM.

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