I’m not saying it’s Paps. I’m just saying – it is

Jonathan Papelbon returned to Philadelphia 10 days ago, and had plenty to say about the Phillies – he was the only one with a will to win, bat boy is terrible, yada yada. Later that night he had his first blown save in exactly one year. So much for will to win.

So now that the Phillies are in town, Paps is a pariah in the Nats clubhouse, and his team is about to be eliminated by those “no will to win’ Phillies, he has found a way to STFU. “I played with a lot of great guys over there,” Papelbon said. “I cherish all those friendships and memories I had over there, and the record – for sure, I cherish that.” Better – but I still question who those friends are.

But despite his words, new full time manager Pete Mackanin still found a way to take a shot at Paps (intentional or not). When asked about the National League East race, he said

“I’m surprised by the position (Washington) is in,” Mackanin said. “It has nothing to do with Papelbon. I’m surprised that they’re not in a better position . . . I think a lot of people were surprised with the Mets, how well they did it. I think when they made those additions to their lineup, it really put them over the hump. Gave them some kind of momentum. Talk about creating energy. You add one guy like a (Yoenis) Cespedes in that lineup, everyone else starts taking off. Anyway, I’m sure – well, I don’t want to go there with Pap.”

He didn’t want to go there. And yet – he did. Well played, skipper!

7 thoughts on “I’m not saying it’s Paps. I’m just saying – it is

  1. While it’s true that by day I fulfill my duties as Historio’s favorite Yankees fan, by night I double as casual Nats fan, having spent a significant portion of my life in the area whether it be the decade I lived there or the time I spend there now on business.
    The real head scratcher for me is Mike Rizzo’s apparent obsession with ruining Drew Storen’s life. On two separate occasions he showed his disdain for Storen by bringing in borderline sociopaths to replace him as closer and most recently by leaving Storen in a game while he walked every Mets batter and all of the dead presidents and then running him back out the next night to fail again. I’m not saying Storen was the greatest closer in the world when Rizzo traded for Evil Spawn of Chucky this season, but it was hardly the Nats biggest trade deadline need.

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      1. You should go. It’s a great place to watch a game. Nothing fancy or retro, but it’s very open and airy, and there are so many places you can stand and watch the game that you can buy a $15 ticket on stub hub and watch the entire game without ever going to your seat. Plus they have a huge party pit right outside the main gates with bands, booze and food trucks. Good times.


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