Greg Holland shut down, Tommy John expected

Featured imageKansas City was just dealt a significant blow as they were forced to shut down closer Greg Holland for the rest of the season, and may lose him for all of next year awell.

Yost now believes Holland tore the ligament last August, meaning he pitched last September and the postseason as well as all of 2015 with a tear in the ligament. The Royals asked Holland to get his elbow checked out multiple times this season, McCullough adds, but he declined each time until last month.

Holland has a 32 Saves with 3.83 ERA over 44.2 innings this season, and Kansas City must now find a new closer.

5 thoughts on “Greg Holland shut down, Tommy John expected

  1. I decline to get my knee looked at for similar reasons. It gets achy all the time and for quite some time now, but it isn’t too painful to tolerate. If I get an MRI I know the news will be ungood (that’s a word, look it up) so I would rather not know right now. So long as I can walk/run/bike, I’m good. That said, no one is literally banking on my knee or my arm to win baseball games so I’m only hurting myself in the long run!


    1. That said, if its just the meniscus or something, you are basically living with an ache that could be gone and leave you feeling great in short order…


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