Friday Colon Cleansing

A Colon by any other name would be…Pancho. In case you were unaware, Bartolo had a pet donkey named Pancho and he loved that donkey more than larger children like rich desserts. There is some good stuff out there on Colon and Pancho, although I probably shouldn’t overload you all at once with this week’s Colon cleansing. Of course you can always peruse this little morsel here if you have a few minutes on this fine Friday.

4 thoughts on “Friday Colon Cleansing

  1. For some reason, probably because he seems to enjoy playing so much, Colon is one of my favorites in Baseball. He just seems to derive great pleasure from just being in the game, and doesn’t appear to get ruffled by anything that happens.


    • Yeah, he seems to get that he is lucky enough to still get paid to do what he is really good at, but still happy enough to care. Bless this man flying spaghetti monster, bless this man indeed!


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