Free Game of the Day — Giants v Athletics 7:05pm (PT)

FFeatured imageinally, a night game!

Hey, if baseball happens and the East Coast can’t stay awake for it, is it extra awesome?  It’s Friday, so you can stay up late anyway, whiners.  Or, just sleep through it because WUSSIFICATION OF AMERICA!!!!

Seriously, somebody has to stay up and be there for clyde. Stream it here. Step up, baseball community.

5 thoughts on “Free Game of the Day — Giants v Athletics 7:05pm (PT)

  1. A’s on the brink of doing the Cubs a solid. Looks like the AL 2nd Wild Card is the only game in town after tonight. HOU/LAA/MIN? Of the 3, who has the best shot at winning a one-and-done in the Bronx?


      1. I’d definitely go with Houston, if they can put Keuchel on the mound for that game. He’s clearly the best SP among all the WC and potential WC teams.

        If they have to use Keuchel to actually secure that final WC spot, things get a lot closer.


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