Awesome Alert – Inside the Park Grand Slam

MENS_Memorable-Shirts_12_12_spclt3Aaron Altherr – a call up for the Phillies as they ride out the string – hit a one out blooper that Michael Taylor got a tad too agressive with. He made a diving attempt at the catch – and missed. The ball rolled all the way to the warning track, and since the bases were loaded….well, the headline gave it away.


Here is the embed


20 thoughts on “Awesome Alert – Inside the Park Grand Slam

      1. This is one of baseball’s dumb rules. Who care’s if it hit the glove or not?

        If there is a ball in the corner that get’s past the OF, giving the hitter an extra base, it is ALWAYS an error, even though he didn’t touch it. If a GB goes between a fielder’s legs or a ball that should be fielded is otherwise not touched, it is ALWAYS an error.

        The whole “the outfielder sucked sooooo bad that he didn’t even touch it, so it isn’t an error” concept is 12 kinds of stupid.

        That was clearly a single and a 3 base error….and official scoring in baseball remains really stupid.


        1. He misjudged the ball. If an outfielder freezes for a second and then runs back on a ball and doesn’t get to it, do you give an error on that?

          Obviously a hit like this one here is not remotely the same as hitting a ball to a 430 foot sign and running it hard. I don’t think anyone claims it is. But unless you are going to give an error on every misjudged play, this is a HR.


        2. No, this is a single, and failed attempt to field the ball resulted in 3 more bases.

          If fielders never move when a ball is hit, and the batter circles the bases, should it be a home run?

          The definition for fielding error is far too narrow.

          If there is a popup and infielders misjudge it such that no one touches it…it is typically ruled a hit…which is silly, because if they only misjudged it enough to tough it but not catch it…it’ll be called an error. There is really no situation in which an infield fly that falls between fielders is consistent with the concept of a base hit….much less a double, which happens multiple times a year.

          Similarly, a flare to shallow center field is not consistent with the concept of a HR in any situation whatsoever.


      2. “If an outfielder freezes for a second and then runs back on a ball and doesn’t get to it, do you give an error on that?”

        That example has absolutely nothing to do with what happened in this game. Why not talk about this play right here instead of building that absurd strawman?

        An error is when a fielder fails to make a play that should be made. Are you truly suggesting that the centerfielder shouldn’t have been able to stop the batter from rounding the bases and scoring on that ball? Because I’ve seen many many many many line drives to centerfield in which the batter doesn’t make it all the way around the bases.


        1. Lighten up Francis

          I am saying Taylor misjudged the ball – he didn’t do that on purpose, right?. They don’t give errors for misjudging the ball – be it thinking you can catch it when you can’t, or taking the wrong route to the ball


        1. First off – what exactly are we debating? If you don’t like the rule, fine. But your beef is not with me, its with the rule book. Also – what are you suggesting? That the Nationals gave him a Home Run so that Jordan Zimmerna could have 3 extra earned runs tacked onto his totals?

          The official scorer shall not score mental mistakes or misjudgments as errors unless a specific rule prescribes otherwise


      3. I’m saying the same thing that PL was saying –

        “That was clearly a single and a 3 base error….and official scoring in baseball remains really stupid.”

        My issue at the moment is that you seem to be suggesting that you like the rule the way it is. That little boots and bobbles should be counted as errors….but hugely massive misplays that cost multiple bases and multiple runs shouldn’t be called errors because, as you said earlier, he “never laid a glove on it”.


        1. I think you should just read what I write rather than assume anything.

          So just curious – why do you suppose the Nationals score keeper called it a Home Run? Also curious your thoguhts on what the rule book says about misjudging plays


        2. I don’t give a runny wet fuck about what the rule book says on errors or misjudging the ball, because on this issue, the rule book is stupid.


        3. Well, what happened is probably only awesome to a Phillies fan. To everyone else, it’s just horrible defense.

          This is awesome. That’s a guy making a play, instead of a guy not making a play.


        4. Good point – I probably should have added something like “Taylor misplayed the ball.” Or disclosed my allegiance. Or made the tone of the article light.

          Anyways, better stop debating me – ESPN and Bleacher Report have articles on it as well. You have a busy day ahead of you stomping this out!


        5. There’s been no debate here. I’ve demonstrated how the rule is stupid, and you’ve just resorted to saying “well, that’s the rule”.

          That’s not debate. That’s just been two people wasting time. And I’m done with it.


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