42 thoughts on “Free Game of the Day — D-backs v. Dodgers 12:10pm (PT)

    1. The large majority of the time, this is true.

      But today, he’s just not on his game. He’s already down 2-0, thrown over 50 pitches….and he’s not even out of the 3rd inning yet.


      1. There’s something oddly interesting about seeing Kershaw pitching like a turd and hanging curveballs so badly that a kid with 30-something plate appearances in the majors can put it in the bleachers.

        3-0 d-bags, Kershaw with 71 pitches through 4 innings. Hard to imagine he’s going to be around too much longer, so if you want to see what Kershaw looks like on the rare instance that he’s sucking like a whore on Nickel Night, you better get on board quick.


    2. Ooooh, looks like Kershaw is having words with Mattingly in the dugout. I hope it goes better than the Scherzer-Williams exchange.


        1. Apparently he is dumb too….too dumb to realize that if the Army was going to fake her qualifications, they would write down the right info on their documentation. He’s just an ahole.


        2. Well, yeah.

          The amazing thing to me is that all of these obvious and public aholes have female relatives that somehow don’t appear to be offended by their aholery.


        3. Yeah, well. Some people are worth disappointing.

          In fairness, I’m sure they were regularly pretty disappointing, too.


        4. BTW, Okemah is a backwards hole in the boonies famous only as birthplace of Woody Guthrie and for the lynching of Laura Nelson and her son.


        5. Too true. Too true. But then, if they were to throw stones, OK is one of the few places they could probably justify it…but not big stones, more like pebbles….or rock salt…..or cotton balls.

          FWIW, I am actually from Illinois, but then, that is a distinction without a difference. You could see the arch from my front yard on clear days….it was a steel mill town, so, usually only when the steel mills where temporarily shut down..


      1. And the fact that they’re rushing to execute a guy when there’s a decent chance he was framed. Damn the new evidence and the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

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      1. They announced it on the radio. They are saying 4 people are dead. 😦 With the traffic here, any accident is a serious/big one.


  1. WOW! What a game. Bottom of the 7th, down one, Machado catches a bullet at third, gets all fired up, yells “Let’s fucking go.”, and the next inning we hit a two run home-run. He really wanted this damn win. Does this mean Papelbon has to come in to throw at Matt Wieters’ head now?


    1. Just once, I’d like someone to punch Papeltrash right in the mouth. I know that’s horrible, and not very nice of me, but seriously… He deserves it.

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