It was Jessup

57329020Circling back on the topic, it looks like those High School players were ordered to hit the ref.

I still have a lot of issues here. First off – so what if they were ordered to do it?  I mean, surely a marine of Dawson’s intelligence can be trusted to determine on his own, which are the really important orders, and which orders might, say, be morally questionable. Okay – I was just having fun with a Few Good Men again – but it does apply here. I will concede I don’t know the nature of how that coach ran his show, or how the conversation on the order went down. But it sure as heck looks to me that at a minimum, they were enthusiastic “orderee’s”. They didn’t just go in, they went in hard. And hit him on the ground. At least Dawson and Downey called the ambulance.

Another problem I have is that it seem that a lot of weight is given to the accusation of racial slurs. Granted, no one is coming right out and saying “It was understandable that they did this”, but it seems to me that it keeps getting listed on back ground – as if to say “Well, the response just got out of hand”. For one – lets state the obvious. The coach and players have VERY LITTLE credibility. That they say there were racial slurs mean almost nothing. And second – they keep adding in “bad calls were made” when talking of the attack. Bad calls! Anyone – ANYONE – who is party to this type of assault and even goes down the road of justifying it over something so trivial – well again, are they really to be listened to?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go arrest Kendrick

7 thoughts on “It was Jessup

  1. I think this does cast the players’ terrible act in a different light. It doesn’t excuse it, but it explains it. The order from the coach, a trusted authority figure, made the hit seem permissible. An order from authority, even a heinous order, is difficult for many to refuse.

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    1. Also let’s not forget this is TX, where football is a lifestyle(TM). At almost 35 I know I’d have the willpower to say no to something like that (or never survive in the military b/c I don’t like doing shit for doing shit’s sake), but 16 or 17 year old me? Who knows…

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    2. In a different light, I agree. And I agree that the coach deserves a helluva lot more blame – I’d even go so far as to say the players (probably) are out of any legal jeopardy. But I still take issue with the manner of the hits. They looked like the wanted to hit this guy hard. I doubt it took much – or any – convincing at all. So to that end, they deserve to be kicked out of sports.


      1. I’m sure the players wanted to hit the ref. I know when someone says racist comments to me, I get very angry. I get angry if I overhear them, and they’re not even about me. The players have some credibility. So far, what they’ve said has checked out. If the ref was saying racist comments, the adult, instead of making the hit permissible, should have said there are other, better avenues they can pursue and not allow baser impulses to take hold.


  2. Racial slurs in Texas? You don’t say.

    I took a year off from school and worked land surveying for a year when I was in west Texas….when it was just a bunch of white guys, it was like a contest to see who could be the biggest racist misogynistic dick. The first tool out of the bag for most white Texas men when they disagree with someone that isn’t white is commonly something racist or sexist….as if not being a white guy somehow devalues a person’s opinion.

    Here is how prevalent casual racism is in Texas. When I visited my StL area family back then, they seemed progressive in comparison to the environment I was used to….now that I live in eastern CT, my family is back to sounding like the racist homophobic hicks that most (about 90%) of them are.

    Anyway, most Texas white guys are so comfortable with casual racism that they don’t even realize or think they are racist because their views are pretty standard as far as they can tell. They do know enough to usually hide it in mixed company (meaning someone that isn’t a white guy), but get them in a group of mostly white guys or a combative situation and it comes right out.


  3. What these kids is nothing less than assault and them and the coach who apparently ordered this should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I will never understand why we as a society believe that once you step onto a sports field, that laws no longer apply and you can get away with anything shy of murder. I don’t care that they were ordered to do it, and I don’t care they are kids. I don’t even care if this ref actually DID say all these racist things he’s accused of. What they did was cowardly and pathetic.


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