Free Game of the Day — Reds v. Cardinals 7:15pm (CT)

Today’s free game courtesy of MLB is the Reds and Cardinals.  Whatever you do, don’t listen to the Cards’ announcers.  They Featured imageare definitely not the best announcers in baseball.

The Reds are eliminated and the Cards have clinched, so this is basically gratuitous baseball.  I guess what I’m saying is that it’s pitcher-hitter quality viewing — obvious and without drama…it’s mayonnaise for your hot dog.  I’m sure there’s some weirdos who think that’s the best.  You know, St. Louis was originally established by the French.  QED.

Root for a Kozma! sighting here.

20 thoughts on “Free Game of the Day — Reds v. Cardinals 7:15pm (CT)

  1. The Cardinals may have clinched a postseason spot, but they haven’t clinched the division yet. There’s still a chance the Cubs can overtake them (and the Pirates) and avoid the wild card game.

    Sure….the Cubs are 6 games back with 11 to play. Don’t bother me with numbers and prediction-algorithms. There’s still a chance.

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  2. You are too kind to the Cardinal announcers. They are easily among the worst in baseball….not enjoyable, insightful, or anything positive. They suck eggs. Of course, the Reds announcers are no better. Any Cardinal-Reds series is a mute or ambient noise affair unless you want to frequently blurt out “of for fuck’s sake, shut the fuck up!”

    Listening to them is like watching Kozma trying to hit major league pitching. Frustrating with an unsatisfying result.

    Still super important games though as the Cubs and Pirates continue to refuse to bow down to their Cardinal overlords and cede them the division title.


      1. Well….the Cubs are coming hard, fast, young, and smart. A scary collection of both FO and on-the-field talent they have there.


        1. Get your mind out of the gutter!

          Point is, was, whatever….that the Cardinals brief time and NL Central overlords is likely closing. I don’t see Pittsburgh getting any better than they are now….but Chicago is going to be good for a while unless really bad luck strikes…which, you know, doesn’t at all seem like something that would happen to the Cubs.

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      1. Funny. Since Jocketty took over, Reds fans always complain about the number of former Cardinals on the team….but that has been declining as the number of former Cardinals from when Jocketty was the GM in StL that are still playing is steeply declining.


  3. This umpiring crew happens to be my least favorite. Every guy in this crew is horrible at calling balls and strikes…and some are horrible at other parts of their jobs as well….having Cuzzi, Randazzo, Davis, and Morales all on one crew is sort of amazing. It is like those high school classes where they put all of the kids that have no interest in learning together so they don’t get in the way of the education of other students..


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