The Midnight Snack – Monday

What’s up, HBC Gang? 


…and here we see the rare Waino in his natural habitat.

Waino es Bueno:  Have you heard the news? Adam Wainwright has been cleared to resume baseball activities. The Cardinals are, understandably, very cautious. Waino, though, is like “LET’S DO THIS.” He has been saying that his goal was to be back for the postseason and technically, he did it. However, ‘baseball activities’ and actually playing a game are two completely different things. We’ll see.

On a similar note, I was at the game when Waino sustained his injury. This fancy, filtered photograph was snapped by yours truly the inning before it all went down:

To Live and Die in Cheeselandia:  It’s a good time to be a Wisconsinite. The Packers won. The Badgers won. Our state’s sworn enemy, former Badger head football coach Bert Bret Bielema, lost in an embarrassing manner. Our doofus governor, Scott Walker, dropped out of the GOP presidential race. All good, right? Well… here come the Brewers to bring the crap parade.

Fresh off the heels of the Elian Herrera/Shane Peterson epic collision in the outfield, we find out that Herrera has a deep thigh bruise. Peterson, for his part, has a messed up knee. Young Jimmy Nelson, whom I have discussed before as being a bright spot for the team, has been shut down for the year from being beaned by a comebacker. And now the 12 million dollar man, Ryan Braun, will be undergoing back surgery for a herniated disk, per Todd Rosiak, beat writer for JSOnline. Woof.

WE FINALLY LEAD IN SOMETHING!!!:  Depressing tweets of the day, brought to you by #BravesFam on twitter.

what the hell even

what the hell even

braves lead 2



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