Sandoval’s “conditioning” called into question

pablo-sandoval-edb03dd24a68dec9Boston media, no stranger to over-reaction, is calling out Pablo Sandoval for his apparent lack of conditioning.  The final blow came this weekend when Sandoval was removed for “lightheadedness”.  (Is that a technical term?)  The day after he missed two games due to a fever.  Because the two are in no way possibly connected.  The media is now claiming a connection to his mid-back pain with his weight, his “lightheadedness” to his weight, and even dehydration to his weight.  There are even rumblings that the only reason Sandoval signed with Boston was because the Giants demanded he take part in a weight regimen, and Boston had no such restrictions.

This is not typical for a professional athlete. We aren’t talking about a pulled muscle or a turned ankle. Sandoval has been removed for being dehydrated or lightheaded and that signals the obvious — Sandoval isn’t in shape.

It’s one thing to not reach a ball at third, or to be thrown out on the bases because of conditioning. But when you’re being removed from a game for nebulous reasons, that’s something else.

Look, I get that Sandoval is maybe a little out of shape, but isn’t baseball the one sport where you are allowed to be out of shape?  Wasn’t Babe Ruth, one of the most revered players in the history of the sport incredibly out of shape?  What about Bartolo Colon?  Didn’t the New York Media make ten kinds of fun of him when he first came over?  Funny.  They aren’t laughing now that he’s winning.  Weight didn’t seem to bother either Prince or Cecil Fielder.  It’s not like Sandoval is suddenly going to drop 100 lbs and start breaking any land speed records or anything.  To claim he’s being removed from games due to his weight seems a might silly to me.  But we all have medical degrees right?  One thing I know for sure.  Sandoval’s had a terrible season and the Red Sox still have to cough up another $70 million through 2019 or hope they can find someone willing to take him off their hands.

11 thoughts on “Sandoval’s “conditioning” called into question

  1. If only someone would run features with pictures of a variety of successful athletes in the buff so we could appreciate that they come in many different types and sizes…

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  2. More seriously, this kind of stuff tells us something about our ideas of what sports and athletics is. What a fit body looks like does vary in different time periods. Today, our notion of “athletic” seems linked to being lean and engaging in lots of cardio activity. In previous ages, engaging in sport wasn’t as much about getting sweaty (although the fox hunt and billiards can make you sweat), as it was about a lifestyle. Even with bodybuilding the ideal has changed over time. Anyway, clearly today the faulty idea that being “fit” rather than having a propensity for athletic activity reigns. It’s really dumb but very much about our societal obsession with weight (which is funny because as a group we’ve gotten fatter the more we idealize leanness).


    • Yeah not thin != in shape. I’m far more athletic than my brother, but since he’s a 6′ beanpole and I’m…not…that doesn’t mean he’s in better shape than I.

      Also was Boston unaware of Sandoval’s weight “issues”? Everyone else seemed to know about it.


  3. When Sandoval was living in Macondo, he was in terrible shape. He couldn’t play more than a 45-minute set without taking a fifteen minute break. And because he would blow one amazing riff after another, evolving, spreading out, calling itself in, soaring and plunging, the utter lack of repetitiveness pretty much proved that he was so out of shape that his circular breathing had been compromised.

    Look, it’s one thing for a trumpet player to cut his lip and skip rehearsal. It’s another thing altogether when he’s so out of shape that he takes a vacation in Japan a week or two before playing to sold-out houses in Tokyo. At that point, you have to wonder if he defected to the United States, where there are no mandatory workouts for jazz musicians, because the Cuban government forced him to jog and lay orf the medianoches.

    One might go so far as to say that the limited opportunity for playing gigs in Macondo at superstar prices had less to do with Sandoval’s move to Los Angeles than the well known culture of Tinseltown overindulgence.

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  4. The actual point was, he took himself out of the game after running 90 feet, supposedly a baseball play for a baseball player that made it to the MLB. As a fan I’m kinda pissed, as a fan of union malingerers, I guess he’s a hero!

    But 90 fucking feet you piece of Shit? I knew I hated you for a reason, it is not even the seventy+ million you will get after I post this. It’s the fact you’re going to be worse next year!

    I’m fully aware that he doesn’t read this website, but Dammit, someone should know!


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