Molina out, Wainwright back in

AFeatured imageccording to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, once presumed lost for the season, Adam Wrainwright has been cleared by doctors to resume baseball activities and could return to game activities this year.  But don’t get too overly excited if you expect to see Wainwright starting games this season.

General manager John Mozeliak made it clear Monday night that Wainwright, if he pitches this season, would be working out of the bullpen rather than the rotation.

“It’s bullpen, strictly,” Mozeliak. “There’s no chance that we could get him to start, given the time (left).”

Mozeliak, asked if Wainwright would be available in the postseason or before that, didn’t rule out a regular-season appearance.

Yadier Molina for his part, is expected to miss up to the next two weeks with a slightly torn ligament in his left thumb which would put his return right around the start of the post-season.

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