The Thinker: Rivalry Edition

The Thinker Cat

So I’ve been thinking…

Which MLB rivalry has been the most entertaining in 2015 thus far? Somewhat subjective I admit, but I would consider entertaining rivalry to mean lots of close games between two good teams, some sort of shared history, tense moments, potential melees, fan battles, off-the-field jibes, etc. I’ll provide my thoughts in the comments after some others have had the chance to chime in.

9 thoughts on “The Thinker: Rivalry Edition

  1. What’s old is new again.

    Cubs/Cards, without a doubt. Mostly because it means something again, high quality baseball is being played in the Friendly Confines once more. I mean the Cubs always brought their A-game to a Cards series but now they can actually hang, and give them a fight. It’s so great. Shuts up my horrible relatives at least.

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    1. My thoughts exactly. Cubs/Cards for sure. I had this thought originally on Sunday when I was eager to watch the Cubs/Cards and expected it to be the Sun night game. But no! It was the Yankees-Mets! EAST COAST BIAS BLAH! That’s a neat rivalry too, but c’mon, Cubs/Cards right now is the hottest ticket in town! Seriously, my friend got standing room tix on Saturday and they were $58 a piece. That’s Bulls playoffs standing room prices at the United Center type of prices…not baseball in Sept prices…


  2. O’s Blue Jays has been OK. There’s a few years of back and forth with them lately. Would have worked a bit better if the O’s didn’t lose so much. Cubs/Cards I agree has been fun.

    Oh, and don’t forget Royals vs. MLB since they seem to be fighting everyone.

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  3. I gotta go with O’s vs Blue Jays. Baltimore STILL hates Cito Gaston, spelling seems weird, but I will forget what I meant to post if I try to look up the true spelling, and it seems that they will never forget that Mussina didn’t pitch in his home park in 93!

    I mean, the Yankees/Sox, yeah if we’re going by the 70’s, but for pure hatred?

    Gotta go with the aforementioned teams, I liked all parts of the diamond of D.C. I lived in, but Maryland, Baltimore specifically, really kinda still hates Toronto!

    Scout, am I wrong? Well you are kinda young, but, but your Uncle or Aunt will surely agree with me.


    1. Only meant one but, but, it might have made my pointless position stronger! Anyway, kaka pee-pee, Shit!

      I love that I can swear, and like the fifty plus adolescent I am, I will abuse this until I’ve stopped laughing. Or until you guys ban me!

      Shit piss fuck poop!


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