Breaking News: the Brewers Hire A New GM.


The Brewers have hired David Stearns, formerly of the Astros front office, as their new general manager. The new man on top of the totem pole is only 30 years old. Apparently the Brewers have decided that Craig Counsell is worth keeping as manager. Also, they aren’t afraid to tap into that youth movement begun by Theo Epstein.

In other news, I have never felt so old.

23 thoughts on “Breaking News: the Brewers Hire A New GM.

  1. What a pencilneck.

    Oh and speaking of pencilnecks, maddog, I see Scott Walker – cleanup hitter on the Koch Brothers fantasy team – is bailing out of the Reslugnican primary circus. America’s gain is your loss. Have a brat n’ brew on me, and send me the bill.

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      1. I find the state of the world disturbing. Not because we are headed for a cliff with no brakes or steering wheel. The impending collapse of society due to greed and willful ignorance no longer bothers me (amazing what you can get used to). But I have to admit…the anti-thinking backlash the last decade or so has shown me that even my natural level of pessimism was insufficient when it comes to predicting exactly how stupid people are.


      2. He’s already f’d this state up. I’ve lived here since 2000, and while I’ve never really felt at home here, it’s never been as hostile and unfriendly as it has been since Walker’s been mucking up the works.


      3. Oh, I don’t think people have ever been smarter, as a group, than they are right now. The disturbing thing is just how stupid that remains.


        1. I do like me some Prince…

          I’m relocating to Texas for a bit soon, but am considering options for after that.


      1. Walkable city, tons of ridiculously good places to eat, easy to navigate public transportation, the sculpture garden is amazing, Target Field is nice, and they get good concerts. Winter sucks but I’d overlook it to live there.


    1. Gator, we’ve already lost. Several times. The recall elections that old Scooter is so proud of winning were totally rigged. I don’t even want to talk about it. But yeah, one national nightmare is over. At least you don’t have to listen to his stupidity any longer.


  2. This just pisses me off so much. There is no end to the white guy privilege and clearly, baseball’s rule about interviewing minority candidates is a waste, as it appears they just okay every f*cking young white dude hire. Meanwhile, you know who else is looking for a GM job? Kim Ng. Funny how everyone thinks she can do it but no one hires her. Aholes.

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    1. Yeah, it’s disheartening to see this sort of b.s.

      Today I was talking to a coworker about this guy, and he very honestly and very frankly said, “{Prof}, you could be the GM.” I laughed it off, and he said, “No. Seriously. You know more about baseball than anyone I know. It’s a shame you can’t catch a break.”

      I can’t help but think that Kim Ng would be a sight better than probably at least 50% of the GM currently working.


      1. That shit thinks he deserves the job too, because of his “skill set.” Like there aren’t a ton of people out there equally smart and capable. What an ass.


      2. If he honestly won the job fair and square, I don’t care. But lips are loose up here in Brewer country, and absolutely no one had been even hinted about as having interviewed. Most people I know honestly thought it was going to be Craig Counsell. You’d think they’d trot out at least one minority candidate. Of course, I don’t want it to be a dog and pony show, but it would be nice to know they at least tried a little.


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