A Tribute To Mike Mussina.

My apologies to Bono and the Edge.

All I Want Is Moose
(to get into the Hall of Fame)

mike-mussina birdland

by the Prof.

You say you want
Green diamonds, and Gloves of Gold
You say you want
A Hall of Greatness Untold

But all the promises we make
And all the hearts we’ve yet to break
When all I want is Moose.

You say you’ll give me
A plaque with my favorite on it
Such pleasure just to look upon it
On a sultry summer’s night

You say you’ll give me
Cy Young winners in a Hall
Immortals in bronze on a wall
And we’ll consider the other guys later

But please allow me to make my case
Win/Loss percentage and ERAs
Hey, all I want is Moose.

Five times he was top five Cy Young Award vote getter.
He was tough; Mike wasn’t a quitter

But all the promises we made
To a pitcher who’s truly great.
Yeah, all I want is Moose.


8 thoughts on “A Tribute To Mike Mussina.

    • LOL Noooooo not quite. I just think it’s a shame he hasn’t gotten more love from the HOF voters.

      Mooooooooooooose. LOL

      But seriously…Jim Palmer’s in the Hall of Fame and Moose’s lifetime stats are virtually identical. It’s a crock.

      Liked by 1 person

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