Joe Maddon didn’t read that book

First, a pitch gets away from Haren and hit Holliday in the head.  Nobody ever wants to see things like this.

Holliday is coming back from a quad injury and it’s likely he would have been lifted for a pinch runner no matter what he did in that at-bat.  He was sitting in the dugout later in the game, so it appears that he passed all the first round of tests and I hope he’s fine.

A few innings later, Belisle throws one behind Rizzo.  Belisle and Matheny were immediately ejected, because warnings had been issued after Holliday was hit, and ejections are what comes next.

After the game, Maddon was asked what his opinion on the whole exchange, and as usual, he is not afraid to share his opinions.  (The first part of this press conference is about Starlin, so jump ahead to about 2:30)

There’s been a bit of scattered discussion around here the last couple days….Weaver/Seager, Kang/Coghlan….about how much emphasis to put on intentions.  Here’s another bit of fuel for that particular fire.

13 thoughts on “Joe Maddon didn’t read that book

  1. Maddon can go fuck himself.

    He said the same self righteous bullshit when he was with the Rays. Always accusing other teams of hitting guys on purpose but claiming that they never did….despite his teams usually hitting guys more often that their team got hit.

    Has anyone watched Belisle pitch this year? The guy has been both hurt and all over the place. Right, he’s trying to “get a pound of flesh” by throwing behind a guy at calf height. Assuming that a low pitch that was supposed to be inside was retribution is fucking stupid.


    1. One thing I always look at in these situations is the reaction of the pitcher in question. Now, with the caveat that he threw behind Rizzo, Belisle didn’t really react like it was a mistake (definitely didn’t react like Haren did when he hit Holliday).


      1. Well, throwing a pitch calf height behind a guy isn’t as upsetting to a pitcher as hitting him in the back of the head, is it?

        The way the pitch comes out of his hand, it looks like he held onto it to long.

        If a pitch can “just get away” from a healthy starter with good control….a pitch can “just get away” from a RP that has missed most of the year with injuries and that has been struggling with his command and release point.


  2. For whatever it’s worth, that was actually the 2nd time Rizzo was hit in this game.

    Random trivia question — Rizzo has now been hit 29 times this year. If/When he gets hit again, he will become only the 2nd player in history to have a 30/30 HR/HBP season. Who is the other?


    1. I would guess Bonds. After he got the elbow pad he tended to lean into pitches.

      If not him, perhaps Biggio? I’m guessing because I know Biggio was hit a lot but I don’t remember if he ever reached 30HR in a season.


    2. I know you have sworn off of PL matches until after baseball is over….but Everton is playing on NBCSN right now….and they have one of the better sets PL announcers (from an accent perspective) for the game


  3. I missed Matheny’s post game presser today. Did you spout off a bunch of stupid bullshit about how the Cubs play and hitting guys on purpose in retaliation and act like a complete poncy smug jackass?


    1. Me? I spouted off nothing in any presser today.

      And only one of those could possibly be considered on purpose, and that’s Rodney pitch that hit Wong in the back. I’m not saying it was or it wasn’t….but I can see how a case can be made either way.

      Cahill’s pitch was just a breaking ball that broke bad. And ain’t no goddammed way Maddon is sending his closer out to bean a dude in the 9th inning. You may think he’s a poncy smug jackass….but he’s not an idiot.


      1. I was referring to Maddon’s stupid comments yesterday that had no basis in reality….not you.

        The Cardinals no more tried to hit Rizzo on purpose yesterday than the Cubs tried to hit any Cardinal today.


      2. Ha!

        Just went back and looked at my post….major pronoun fail…that “you” should have been “he”, referring to Matheny.

        Maddon is a great manager…but he’s acting like a sanctimonious hypocrite.

        A Cub flies into Kang, hitting him mid-lower leg before even starting his slide, 4′ from the bag and well after already being out, breaking Kag’s leg. Maddon say’s no apology is necessary.

        The next day he assumes a pitch that grazed Rizzo’s pants leg is retaliation for Holliday getting hit in the head and goes on a sanctimonious tirade (as if a pitch can get away from a guy and hit you in the head, but a pitch can’t get away from a guy and be at his legs).

        Today the Cubs hit 3 guys and he says it was just coincidence, which I’m sure it was….but, of course, yesterday he wouldn’t allow the possibility that the pitch behind Rizzo was coincidence…which it very likely was.


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