In Case You Missed It – 9/17/2015

12 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – 9/17/2015

  1. I recall that in one of Dylan Thomas’ comments his father asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, and he replied, “the drunkest man in Europe.” He succeeded. When my father asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied that I had no intention whatsoever of growing up, and it was his own fault for letting me watch Peter Pan. If he had pressed me, I prolly would have said “the laziest man in Macondo.” I have been intermittently as successful at that, as Dylan Thomas was at marinating himself. Ergo, I am reblogging this from my post on HBT this morning:

    Did you see the Meerkat do his Matt Williams impersonation in the bottom of the eighth last night, pulling Ellington to let Mike Done face Bryce Harper? Of course Harper singled, and then Done walked the next Gnat, and then the Meerkat brought in Sam Dyson to give up a hit and a couple of runs before A J Ramos came in and shut down the rally.

    I think that 0.1% shot at the postseason for the Gnats would be pretty generous. Who says stats don’t have a soul? I’ve seen solved equations cry over a little boy falling down a flight of stairs. Of course, the equation predicted that the kid would step on the rollerskate in the first place. But what of that? Here’s a stat: Justin Bour, that hulking Judge Holden-like figure at first base for the Feesh, has 18 gophers and 61 ribbies in 87 games, in nine of which he appeared as a pinch hitter or late inning replacement. Do the math. And to think that the Beached Boys wasted half a season on Michael Morse….owwwwwww.

    Today, the closest two teams who are out of it can approximate a duel of the century:
    El Keed versus Max Scherzer, the pitcher from Detroit with the ugly girlfriend.

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  2. Where have you gone, DelPhil? Obviously you did not get my message on Twitter, so here goes, in case you see it here: I’m sorry I messed with your comment. I was just teasing. I’m done and will not do it anymore. I didn’t want to make you mad. 😦 Please forgive me and come back!


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