Free Game of the Day — Tigers v. Royals 4:08 (HT)*

All I ask foFeatured imager the rest of the season is that we win this series.  Please, please, please.  I just can’t have a losing record against the nasty-ass BBQ Boys. I can at least hold my head high with that one thing.  Maybe MVP Miggy gets his batting groove back, or maybe not.  I’m okay with that.  Just please, not our first losing record against the Royals in like EVER.

There was a time when Verlander v. Cueto might have billed as a pitching duel.  $10 says no one talks about that today.  They’ll be too busy asking about the status of Brad’s contract.  He’s the new Kate Upton — because beautiful things ruin Detroit?

Click here to stream only if you promise not to jinx it.

*Historio time

12 thoughts on “Free Game of the Day — Tigers v. Royals 4:08 (HT)*

        1. Are you not mad at me now?

          I got fed up with the Frying Pan and gave up. The moderates have disappeared and the liberals have been bought off with shiny things. It’s too crazy, so I gtfo. I’m in Seattle now, which I am not sure I like. It’s very corporate and uptight. But, I may be temporarily relocating to Texas for a bit soon.


  1. The rebirthening of Starlin Castro continues.

    I’m still a fan of his and I’ll wish him well for (nearly) any team that he gets traded to this offseason…..and I’m quite happy that he’s working so hard to increase his trade value here down the stretch.

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